1. J.L. Allen

    Which Version of Augustine’s Confessions?

    After the semester ends, I want to listen to some audiobooks. I have the LibriVox app, and it’s pretty nifty. There are two different versions of The Confessions by Augustine. Pusey or Outler? Why would you choose one over the other?
  2. Howard the Reformer

    Book by Samuel Miller titled "The Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions"

    Looking for feedback from others that have read the book.
  3. P

    Denominations Holding to the Belgic Confession

    I am curious as to what Reformed Denominations hold to the Belgic Confession rather than the Westminster. So far I only know of the Protestant Reformed Churches.
  4. C

    Daily dose of Westminster

    So today I said to my self, "Self, it would be really great if you could get doses of the Westminster Confession of Faith daily, as a supplement to your Bible reading!" I discovered two resources which may be useful to members of the board: The first, a blog Daily Westminster goes through...
  5. RevZach

    Recommend Book for Man with Anabaptist view of Church history...

    I have been interacting over e-mail for some time with a man who visited my church and is falling into a rather anabaptistic, "nuda scriptura" view of the Scriptures and the Church. He started by asking why we celebrate Easter and Christmas, then moved into why we worship on Sundays, not...
  6. Grillsy

    Who would be authorized to preach?

    Would it be wise for a Presbyterian church to allow someone in the pulpit who did not believe in the WCF and openly wrote and taught against the confession's teaching on the Sacraments? Specifically. Should a Baptist be allowed in Presbyterian pulpit? Or be given a teaching position? I know...
  7. eqdj

    On Confessional Subscription

    Well... I wanted to ask for resources (books, articles, audio) on Confessional Subscription, but before I did, I thought I better check out this forum's previous posts. This is what I found: 2003-09-15 2006-08-29...
  8. C

    Support constructing new confessions

    Hello all, This would probably be better done as a poll but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Anyway, in several threads I have seen people propose constructing a new confession for Reformed and Presbyterian denominations not because the old ones are broken, but to construct one for...
  9. sastark

    Verse Used as Scripture Proof Look-Up Tool

    In preparing Bible Studies, one question I often think about is: how has this particular passage/verse been used as a Scripture proof for various doctrines? For example, while preparing a study on "serving two masters" (Matt 6:24), I glanced through my Westminster Confession to see if that...