1. Travis Fentiman

    Reference Lists of Commentaries on Books of the Bible

    If you are looking for recommended commentaries on the books of the Bible, there is a page of Recommendations for Bible Commentaries at ReformedBooksOnline. However, if you desire to take it to the next level, and look into the important commentaries on a book of the Bible from all of Church...
  2. TryingToLearn

    Best Verse-By-Verse Commentary on Ezekiel 40-48?

    I think I'm with Beale on the overall understanding of this section, but I've yet to find a commentary that actually works that out and explains what everything going on in these chapters actually means. Sure, its a prophetic vision depicting the future new Creation, but Ezekiel spends 8 whole...
  3. ChrisJuloya

    From Accordance: In Appreciation of those who Preach & Teach

    Accordance offers preaching and teaching resources (commentaries, illustrations, etc. and gift cards for your pastors) that come with huge discounts! Check them out at the Accordance blog.
  4. Travis Fentiman

    New Testament Commentaries in Latin Online

    I am humbled and thankful to God to be able to present to you a webpage of most of the major whole New Testament Commentaries (or the majority thereof, 75+) in Latin throughout Church history which have been preserved and are on the net. The titles have been translated into English. These...
  5. Travis Fentiman

    Whole Bible Commentaries in Latin Online

    Here is every major whole Bible commentary in Latin through Church history (which has survived, is commonly referenced in the secondary literature and is on the net): 38 total, including those of the puritans. The titles are translated into English. If you have not begun learning Latin yet...
  6. Regi Addictissimus

    Matthew Poole commentary questions

    Good day, brethren. I am getting ready to be isolated deep in the Rocky Mountains for a week. The space for books is slightly limited. I can't haul John Gill's massive six volumes and Calvin's 22 volumes around the mountains, I was thinking of taking Poole's commentary or possibly Matthew Henry...
  7. Regi Addictissimus

    Help me decide what to read on my mountain vacation.

    Good day, brethren. My wife and I are going on our annual San Juan Mountains camping trip. I will have nine days to submerse my self in beautiful scenery and books away from work and the demands of life. We go camping a good bit and it drives my wife crazy how long it takes me to pick books for...
  8. ccravens

    Help on which set of Calvin's Commentaries to purchase

    Hello, I am wanting to purchase a set of Calvin's commentaries. I have a few individual volumes already, and so need to choose between these 2 sets, each of which I already have a few volumes: *Eerdmans 1965 (Calvin's New Testament Commentaries) *Eerdmans (no year? blue plain binding)...
  9. Regi Addictissimus

    Help deciding my next commentary set acquisition.

    I am torn on what commentary set to purchase next. The options are as follows: John Gill Keil & Delitzsch John Lightfoot's NT Commentary J. P. Lange John Trapp John Calvin (I have full access to my Church's set) I am open to more suggestions. Here are the sets I have: Matthew Poole, Matthew...
  10. M

    Puritan commentary on Proverbs?

    Are there puritan commentaries on the book of Proverbs, preferably devotional ones? I'm not looking for a critical or exegetical commentary, but a devotional one. Any recomendations are welcome.
  11. John P

    Works of John Gill online free for download

    So, I didn't really know the best place to put this, so I decided to place it here. Feel free to correct me for the future since I have found a bunch of high quality free downloads of classic commentaries that I plan to give the links to. Anywho, I found many of the works of John Gill available...
  12. B

    NIV Application Commentary Series on Sale on Kindle

    For any of the Kindle users out there Zondervan has each of the NIVAC volumes for sale on Kindle at $4.99 apiece. I put them altogether in one place and listed those that are more highly recommended here: Kindle Book Deals: NIV Application Commentary Series | The Cross Quoter
  13. calvinich

    Puritan Commentaries/Expositions on Leviticus

    What would be some of the best or most popular Puritan commentaries/expositions on Leviticus?
  14. R

    Gift books

    My friends wife emailed me(exchanges cc'd to my wife) a 10 Volume NT Dictionary that is "designed for the intermediate to advanced Greek Scholar" wanting to know if I thought it would be a good birthday gift for him. He is a lay person who does not read or write Greek. I then recommended (some...
  15. M

    Gospel Commentary Recommendation wanted

    I am looking for a Bible commentary composed of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and one on the whole New Testament. Basically, I'm not looking for something with Greek or Latin since I never studied Theology in a Seminary, but a commentary which explains the context of each Bible passage. I...
  16. reformedman

    Eerdmans NICOT and NICNT

    So far I have Nhum Zephaniah Habakkuk, John, Acts, Romans, Colossians Philemon Ephesians, and Hebrews. I was wondering how this entire set (including those I have not purchased yet), rate against say Kistemaker or Calvin's. I was considering completing the set but if my Kistemaker or Calvin...
  17. JohnStevenson

    Commentary on Chronicles?

    Can anyone recommend a good commentary on1st & 2nd Chronicles?