1. RobertPGH1981

    Old Testament era Baptism

    Hello All, So forgive my ignorance here but Baptism isn't a topic I researched much from an OT perspective. I was trying to understand the significance of the baptisms that took place by John since they were still under the Old Covenant practices. It is understood that the covenant sign of...
  2. MooreJo

    Paedo-Baptism Answers How do I answer these questions?

    A credobaptist friend of mine posed these questions and I want to know how to correctly answer them. He tends to be a "chapter and verse" type of guy who will seldom settle for anything other than explicit scriptural support. Is baptism and circumcision related in any way? If so, how so...
  3. Contra_Mundum

    Covenant Theology Baptism And Circumcision Compared

    The purpose for this table is simply to show side-by-side, and with accompanying Scripture, how both OT and NT covenant-signs make substantially the same statements, and teach substantially the same truth; while allowing for NT improvement wherever appropriate. Inward and outward...
  4. TheThirdandReformedAdam

    The Sign of Circumcision: Symbolizing Justification, Regeneration, or Both?

    Hello all, this is my first post here on the PB so please forgive me if this has been answered/discussed elsewhere (I couldn't find it), but I was looking for some opinions on the symbolism of circumcision. Let me explain how I presently understand it and then anyone can feel free to help me...