church order

  1. Travis Fentiman

    How Church Rulings Do & Do Not Bind, & of Breaking Them

    If the Church is not neglected today, it is often idolized; if Church authority is not disregarded, it is frequently turned absolute. The Biblical and historically presbyterian position is that Church authority is conditional, and can only confirm the truth and what is good; it binds only...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Resources on Church Order & Ordinances

    The Reformation recognized that numerous commands in Scripture were for the good-order of the Church in their given context, and were not absolutely binding, without qualification, on all times and societies. This Scriptural category of 'Church ordinances' was a common-place in Reformation...
  3. Jonathan95

    My church will not be holding regular service this upcoming weekend.

    This is a strange thing to me. Apparently, every year on the Sunday during the week of Christmas, my church holds a potluck instead of regular service. So no sermon, nor worship. Just a get together in the space that we rent to sit, eat, and talk together. I am not sure why I find this...
  4. ChrisJuloya

    Lord's Supper: Can it be done and administered by and between members?

    I came (but currently going through the inquirer's class of a reformed church) from a non-denominational church who just started a consistent celebration of the Lord's Supper early last year. The church also encourages a celebration of the Lord's Supper between members administered or...