church discipline

  1. Jonathan95

    When does the idea of Christian Liberty apply?

    I get really hung up on this kind of stuff. How do believers keep each other accountable when Christian Liberty is a thing. Tattoos, smoking, drinking, Credobaptism vs Paedobaptism, RPW vs NPW, female deacons, head coverings, &c. Some would view these as sin, some would leave it up to the...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    5 Marks of a Biblical Church - Part of a New Series of Books by McMahon

    5 Marks of a Biblical Church by C. Matthew McMahon Scripture furnishes Christ’s blood-bought church with everything it needs to worship God effectively with the greatest degree of honor (John 4:24). The holy exaltation of God by his people is vital to giving him high praise in glorifying Christ...
  3. J

    Unchurched "Christian" Living In Ongoing Sin as it relates to Mt 18, 1 Cor 5

    I have seen others ask similar questions about family church discipline, but have never seen a solid biblical answer to this one, so I'm excited to hear what my wiser brothers and sisters in Christ have to say! :D Let's use this example: A father (who is supposed to be the leader of the...
  4. E

    Church discipline for marrying Roman Catholics?

    I believe that church discipline can and ought to be enacted in cases where a member marries an unbeliever, but is there any biblical grounds for discipline being enacted upon a member who willfully is dating and considering marriage with a Roman Catholic? Keith Elder in a confessional...