1. Travis Fentiman

    What Hour was Christ Crucified?

    Two well known Christians have recently left Christianity, in part citing as a reason contradictions in the Bible. If Christianity is a farce, or is true, it is better to find out now rather than later. One of the most notable and difficult seeming discrepancies in the New Testament is that Mk...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    What Day was Christ Crucified on?

    What day was Christ crucified on? The answer greatly affects how one understands the events and flow of Christ’s whole Last Week, which events form a significant share of the Gospels. The issue will be of very practical import to preachers who preach through Christ's Last Week. The options...
  3. M

    Gospel chronology/harmony reading plan

    I want to begin reading the Gospels in chronological order of when the events actually took place. I found a "parallel harmony" in Wikipedia based on "Edward Robinson's A Harmony of the Gospels in Greek as well as Steven L. Cox and Kendell H Easley's Harmony of the Gospels"...