1. Andrew35

    Another Christmas [Carol] Question

    Greetings All! Wondering if some of our historians could provide some of the context here. I was going through Dickens' A Christmas Carol with my students in class, when I came across the following (the context is Scrooge in conversation with the Ghost of Christmas Present, after seeing...
  2. Nate

    The Dutch Reformed and Observance of Holy Days

    The attached paper outlining the history of the Dutch Reformed observance of feast days might pique the interest of some here. @NaphtaliPress has posted this paper in past years, but I thought it is worth a re-post. My apologies if it was already posted this year and I missed it. As a brief...
  3. Tom Hart

    Some Questions about Purim, Hanukkah and Christmas

    Did Jesus celebrate Purim and Hanukkah? Does it matter if he did? Does the establishment of Purim (Esther 9:20-22) and Hanukkah (1 Macc. 4:59; see also John 10:22) go against the set patterns of days and festivals that God had given through Moses? How does this affect the doctrine of the...
  4. ArminianOnceWas

    Free Will & The Sovereign God Within the Christmas Narrative

    As I prepare for Advent sermons, I am considering free-will vs the sovereignty of God within those narratives. I am aware that the topic is or ought to be elementary, however I thank God for the beauty found within His Word. Luke 1, the birth of John announced to Zacharias, the text makes clear...
  5. NaphtaliPress

    John Calvin Preached on Epiphany

    That great defender of the liturgical calendar John Calvin :rolleyes: also preached ‘on’ Epiphany (January 6, 1551, just days after his famous and often referenced sermon from the same Book of Micah on December 25, 1550/51—the first of the year at that time), because it was a normal weekday...
  6. M

    Leave church because they have normative principle?

    I am a German Five-Point-Calvinist and supporter of infant baptism and the Westminster Confession and the regulative principle (puritan principle). I believe that Sunday is the Christian Sabbath and that Christmas and Easter are wrong and sin. I am member of a Reformed Church in Germany...
  7. E

    Christmas and Easter

    Hello, I am wondering if any Reformed believers in the Seattle area do NOT celebrate Christmas and Easter? I'd sure like to know of others in my area who share that conviction. Thanks!
  8. E

    New from Seattle

    Glad to be connected to the Puritan Board! Curious to know if anyone lives in the Seattle area, who happens to not celebrate Christmas and Easter? It was a much more common stance 100 years ago or less, so I suppose I'm a bit old-fashioned. But I'd sure like to know of other Reformed folks in...
  9. JS116

    What's On Your List?

    Ahhhh.. CHRISTmas time is coming!we all know as christians why that day is special out of any other holidays. I just wanted to ask what things are you looking foward to receiving this year? Me personally other than the unfailing grace of God and the presence of my family I'm looking for...
  10. RoderickE

    Origin of Classic Christmas Carols

    Ron Clancy, dedicated researcher and author shares his over 30 years of research into classic Christmas carols. This fascinating 30 minute podcast reveals the interesting history of some of our best loved Christmas tunes. Mr. Clancy has authored and compiled 4 collections with fully period art...