1. Jonathan95

    Have Christians committed atrocities throughout the world?

    Came across an article this morning: A brother in Christ was executed by Islamic extremists. Before being executed the murderer said something that stuck out to me. From the article: "This is one of the...
  2. Matthew G. Bianco

    Furries and Christianity?

    This is a very weird question, but it has come to my mind and I do wonder what you guys think of this. There is this mostly internet-powered fandom (kingdom of fans) called the furry fandom. The most basic definition of this group can be found in dictionary: "an enthusiast for animal characters...
  3. John P

    What Happened to the Church the Moment the Apostles Died?

    So, I was reading Ignatius today so that I can say (over time, of course) that I have read the works of the Church Fathers (I know that Ignatius isn't the only Church Father, but I'm starting with the Apostolic Fathers and moving forward), and I was shocked at what Ignatius, who was supposedly...
  4. John P

    Is it an oxymoron to label oneself Reformed Semi-Augustinian?

    Sooo... I am currently taking theology classes for a Theology Minor at my university, and one of the classes we had to take was Systematic Theology. It was broken into two classes (1 and 2) and had a lot of reading. Now, going to a Pentecostal college, I knew that I was bound to run into...
  5. Porter

    White Debate: Is the New Testament Evil?

    Dr. White has a debate upcoming on August 30th on the topic Is the New Testament Evil? (previously to be against Christopher Hitchens, now David Silverman). My question is (and this is posed because I was too lazy to research the issue): what is the thrust of the argument that Silverman...
  6. K

    Should a Christian go to War?

    Hi all, I was confronted with this question during a discussion with a Muslim friends' friend. As a person who believes Christian non-resistance is the most Biblical stance, I was kind of nudged by God to continue the discussion into a fully developed look at whether or not Christians should...