1. Christian Teegardin

    My Life as a Calvinist Christian (With the Struggles of Faith)

    There was a time when I was 'holier than thou.' I used to think that I was so Godly. I used to think that knowing the truth of the Gospel (which Calvinism entails) and all the fine details about the Gospel were all I needed for salvation. I would always be obsessed with a girl. Always. If it...
  2. sojourner

    Reformed Art

    I have made an armor of God drawings and in the description I used the Ligonier devotionals. I will post them here and tell me what you think. Any Christian artists here or hobbyists? The piece that protects the soldier’s head, the helmet is essential to keeping a soldier alive and...
  3. M

    Ethics and Christian apologetics in College

    Hello brothers, I'll be taking Ethics in college. Students from various courses will be taking it. I always feel I have a responsibility to defend my faith in class if it so happens that a certain debate might need my input. So, I would like to receive advice and references to articles that...
  4. T

    Looking for recommendations: Christian music CDs

    I imagine that one's taste in Christian music varies considerably, but I'm looking for your top recommendations for Christian music CDs. I'd prefer something majestic, beautiful, and Scriptural (e.g. Handel's Messiah would be a great example), but I'm willing to consider what had deeply...
  5. Jerusalem Blade

    'Pharmakeia' II: Biblically-defined Sorcery in the 20th and 21st Centuries

    Pharmakeia II: Biblically-defined Sorcery in the 20th and 21st Centuries This is a sequel to the thread, ‘Pharmakeia’ in the NT Era: Exposition and Application. In the event some throw up their hands and say, “Oh no! haven’t we had enough of this?”, I answer in the negative and say, No, the...
  6. Jerusalem Blade

    ‘Pharmakeia’ in the NT Era: Exposition and Application

    Pharmakeia in the NT Era: Exposition and Application, with Objections Answered I’ve titled the thread this way as evidently “sorcery” is a buzz-word that gets folks defensive and overheated. So I’ll just stick with the NT Greek word that’s usually translated into English as “sorcery” or...
  7. T

    Home School Curriculum Recommendations

    Hi! I'm planning to home school next year for the first time. I have a 5th grader & a 2nd grader, I also have a toddler & an infant @ home (all boys). I've looked @ Christian Liberty Press, Covenant Home & Sonlight. I'm leaning more toward CLP's CLASS program. Any advice? Thank you!
  8. K

    Working together

    A discussion over the weekend with dear friends brought this up. At what point do we consider that there is sufficient agreement to work with others outside of our denomination in evangelism? Some seem to believe that we should only work with others from our particular denomination; some...
  9. K

    Should a Christian go to War?

    Hi all, I was confronted with this question during a discussion with a Muslim friends' friend. As a person who believes Christian non-resistance is the most Biblical stance, I was kind of nudged by God to continue the discussion into a fully developed look at whether or not Christians should...