1. Travis Fentiman

    Newly Translated 1500's work by a Spanish Reformer

    The 1500’s Spanish reformer, Juan Perez, wrote a lengthy tract seeking to confirm and comfort protestants in the heart-breaking circumstances of living under the fear and suffering of the Spanish Inquisition. This work has been newly translated into English by Charles F. Johnson for the first...
  2. Rutherglen1794

    Calvinism and Foundations of America? Any books?

    Hello, My brother is an unbeliever who is engrossed in libertarian, freedom/liberty, anti-government, and some conspiracy beliefs. I have been seeing quotes on the internet about John Calvin's (hence, Calvinism's) huge impact in the formation of the United States of America and...
  3. M

    Books on Predestination

    I want to give my Arminian friend a book on God's sovereignty in salvation. (He has no college degree on theology). I found two books that appear to be good on the topic of Predestination and God's sovereignty, but I don't know which one to buy: (1) Predestination - Gordon Clark (2) The...
  4. R

    Alarm and Call (Alleine and Baxter)

    There's a pretty incredible collector's item on 1888 copy of a book "Alarm and Call" which collects the two greatest Puritan works on conversion: Joseph Alleine's "An Alarm to the Unconverted" and Richard Baxter's "A Call to Unconverted Sinners". Peruse and enjoy! Alarm and Call...
  5. reformedman

    Best Devotional for audio recordings

    I like to make audio recordings of books for people. There are a few people in New York who are blind who are particularly interested in getting more of my recordings. I am interested in starting a devotional reading but I can't decide which one. What is your recommendation of a devotional...
  6. reformedman

    Trinity Book Service

    The Trinity Baptist Church in Montville New Jersey once pastored by Al Martin has changed their domain name. Please update your bookmarks for it.
  7. B

    Top Five Practical books

    I'm looking for a few more practical books for my life. I already have enough reference, commentaries, and theological books. What would be your top 5 practical books written in the last 5 years?