book review

  1. woestyn101

    Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone - book review

    I read the book because a friend of mine suggested it a couple of weeks ago (2021). The Message of the book in a nutshell: The book addresses the question: : "Why don't you live an abundant life as a Christian?" The solution according to the book is that you have to find your identity in...
  2. scotthill

    Thoughts on Religious Experience - Book

    Good afternoon, I do apologize if this is posted in the wrong place. I just started reading Thoughts on Religious Experience by Archibald Alexander and am already loving it just after reading the preface. For those that have read the book, tips on getting the most out of it? Or discussions on...
  3. Joseph Knowles

    Against God and Nature: The Doctrine of Sin by Thomas McCall

    Better formatting here. Against God and Nature: The Doctrine of Sin by Thomas McCall OVERVIEW Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Length: 13-15 hrs. to read (402 pages) Short Summary: In Against God and Nature, Thomas McCall offers readers a comprehensive, well-organized treatment of the doctrine of sin...
  4. Nathan A. Hughes

    Why Are Books Important?

    Books date back many hundreds of years. It is estimated that there have been over 130 million books published. In 2011, 180,000 books were published in the United Kingdom alone. In recent years readers have favoured the e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle over the traditional paperback. In this...
  5. S

    “Sola Scriptura, the Protestant Position on the Bible” From Reformation Trust Publishing.

    The original article can be found at Snyder's This book is authored by some of the top contemporary theological minds in Christendom. Each one wrote a chapter treating the topic of sola scriptura. The forward was written by Dr. Michael Horton. Together they present a cohesive, and...
  6. C

    Review: A Full Quiver: Family Planning and the Lordship of Christ

    My wife and I just finished reading this book as we seek to understand the issue of contraception from a Biblical perspectives. I'd give the book 4 out of 5 stars. It was written about 20 years ago but it is just as relevant today. The good: 1. Presents a strong biblical case affirming...