book of daniel

  1. TryingToLearn

    Michael the Archangel, Jude, and Zechariah

    So, I'm drawn the the interpretation that Jude is alluding back to Zechariah and thus identifies Michael the Archangel as the pre-incarnate Angel of the Lord, but I see two problems that I'm wondering if you guys would be able to possibly help me with to see if this interpretation can work...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Seeing Christ Clearly by McMahon - New Book

    How did Jesus view himself in the Gospels? Who is this divine Son of Man who comes down out of heaven? McMahon's new work is a practical look on Christological themes to see Christ more clearly. Seeing Christ Clearly by C. Matthew McMahon Christ is clearly portrayed in Scripture as the...
  3. RevZach

    70 x 7 question for serious Amillennials

    I did a search and found a couple of closed threads about Dan 9 and the seventy sevens, but nothing that addressed my specific question... Okay, so most Amills (myself included) view the church age (i.e. the millennium) as being synonymous with the last half-a-seven (a.k.a. 42 months, a.k.a...
  4. Herald

    How would you read Daniel?

    Although a prophet, I find Daniel not fitting in the mold of the other prophets. Daniel's narratives paint a picture of God's sovereignty in the midst of trial. I don't find an pre-exilic or exilic motif. Daniel is not proclaiming impending judgment as do other prophetic writers. The book...