1. Travis Fentiman

    More Writings of Westminster Divines Online

    Around Thanksgiving we had over 890 online writings of the Westminster divines collected on our site. Realizing there were some that we had missed, we kept digging, searching and scurrying. We are glad to announce that, by the blessing of God, we have been able to cull together for you 1,118...
  2. M

    Reformed Bibliography for ex-Dispensationalists

    Hello brothers and sisters, I created this thread so that you may recommend reformed bibliographic literature (books or articles, old and, preferably, new) on the following subjects and aspects: 1. A work introducing Amillennialism, but, at the same time, refuting dispensational and/or...
  3. M

    Books on Election and the Trinity - Need Recommendations

    Hello, I am looking forward to buying one book on Election and one on the Trinity but I don't know which to choose for my self (money is not a problem). I have studied to refute arminian proof texts from John Gill's The Cause of God and Truth, Jame White's Potter's Freedom, and essays on...