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  1. Travis Fentiman

    Reference Lists of Commentaries on Books of the Bible

    If you are looking for recommended commentaries on the books of the Bible, there is a page of Recommendations for Bible Commentaries at ReformedBooksOnline. However, if you desire to take it to the next level, and look into the important commentaries on a book of the Bible from all of Church...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Sermon & Textual Indices on the Bible

    One of the greatest resources and blessings is an index that gives resources on every chapter and verse of the Bible. While the Sermon & Textual Index at is the largest, reformed index with links online, yet there are a number of other indices available, both in print...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Great News! EEBO Phase 2 & RBO

    Friends, If you have not heard already, Phase 2 of Early English Books Online has just been made publicly available on the net (ahead of schedule); the collection has over 35,000 volumes, including many reformed and puritan works. You may search Phases 1 & 2 here...
  4. Travis Fentiman

    New Testament Commentaries in Latin Online

    I am humbled and thankful to God to be able to present to you a webpage of most of the major whole New Testament Commentaries (or the majority thereof, 75+) in Latin throughout Church history which have been preserved and are on the net. The titles have been translated into English. These...
  5. Regi Addictissimus

    Help deciding my next commentary set acquisition.

    I am torn on what commentary set to purchase next. The options are as follows: John Gill Keil & Delitzsch John Lightfoot's NT Commentary J. P. Lange John Trapp John Calvin (I have full access to my Church's set) I am open to more suggestions. Here are the sets I have: Matthew Poole, Matthew...
  6. Travis Fentiman

    Recommended Reading Lists & Commentaries

    Friends, I have compiled a large collection of recommended, religious, reading lists, bibliographies and other reference materials which I hope will be helpful to both beginner and scholar alike. For one studying an issue, the first thing to do is to find the best available literature that is...
  7. jamessh1990

    Special Sale

    We are having a special sale, with up to 75% discounts on Evangelical Press Study Commentaries, Biteseize Biographies, Welwyn Commentaries and much more, from authors such as John Currid, Michael Haykin, John MacKay etc. You can view the list here ;
  8. jamessh1990

    15% off all online stock

    We are now offering 15% discounts on orders made through our website. All you need to do is review any new book on our site to qualify. The discount can be used towards anything. You will be emailed the discount code once the review has been written.