believer's baptism

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    Does early church history support believers baptism or infant baptism?

    my wife is a baptist and I am Presbyterian. She recently asked me what form of baptism is supported in the first centuries of the church.
  2. Scholten

    Does the Word "Baptizo" Require Immersion?

    The following are a statement and a response from a dialogue that is taking place in our congregation. A number of our members advocate believer's baptism whereas we are a member of the Christian Reformed denomination, a covenantal, Reformed church. Any insights you can add will assist us in...
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    The Abrahamic Covenant is Also Physical in Nature in the New Testament

    We are in the middle of a pivotal Bible study in our church (Christian Reformed) having to do with the number of families who have become convinced that believer's baptism is biblical. It may cause our congregation to move in the direction of practicing both believer's and infant baptism. In...
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    Baptism and "the children of God"

    My wife and I are members of the Christian Reformed Church in the United States. From the early days of our marriage, before we had kids, we were troubled by the wording of our forms for the baptism of infants. They spoke of the infants of believers as being "children of God." While studying at...
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    The New Covenant Clearly Replaced the Mosaic Covenant, Not the Abrahamic.

    Paedo-baptist Statement There is considerable scriptural evidence that the new covenant replaced the Mosaic covenant, not the Abrahamic. In Jeremiah 31 God promises a new covenant and in verse 32 he says it will not be like the covenant he made him with their fathers when he took them by the...
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    #4 Dr. Wellum: At Its Inception The Mosaic Covenant Did Not Annul the Abrahamic Coven

    :berkhof: Given the emphasis on the Puritan Board for the healthy, constructive discussion of baptism, we have high hopes for generating some good comments. We are in need of good Baptist responses to a number of pro-infant baptism statements. These responses are needed in an on-going...
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    #3 Dr. Wellum: Were the OT Israelites Automatically "God's People"?

    This is the third post in the open dialogue covering arguments contained in the book Believer's Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ. The Dialogos website can provide very good material for sermon preparation and teaching classes. To view this posting and additional material on the...
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    Dialogue On the Book "Believer’s Baptism"

    If you have 60 seconds, you can be a part of an open dialogue covering a number of the arguments contained in the recent book Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ! Editors Dr. Thomas Schreiner and Dr. Shawn Wright along with eight Baptist authorities have produced a very...