1. D

    Judicious & Impartial Reader

    Very thankful for Dr. Jim Renihan's labor on our confession. His new Symbolics book has been a blessing to me and my church. I'd recommend anyone looking for a deep and solid exposition on the doctrines taught in our confession to get this book and read.
  2. RobertPGH1981

    Elder Requirements with Attendence

    Hello All, I am looking for guidance on Elder Requirements without appealing to the Sabbath commandments. Some Baptist congregations view the Sabbath as being fulfilled in Christ, in which the requirement becomes a matter of Christian conscience rather than direct commandment. Those with this...
  3. B

    Paedo-Baptism Answers I read through the Baptism book I was recommended yesterday, and have a few points of clarification.

    I have 2 categories of question; the first is points of clarification, the second is points which I see as necessarily supporting the credo position. However, I'm only going to post the points of clarification in this post, so that I can understand better and perhaps answer some of my own...
  4. P

    Origins of Credobaptism

    I was listening to a Reformed Forum podcast that stated Credobaptism (meaning the view that believers only should be baptized) originated in the Reformation era and there is little to no evidence of it prior to that or in the early church. Is this true? My wife is Baptist and I am Presbyterian...
  5. Alexander

    Where Would Primitive Baptists Place the Possession of Eternal Life?

    Where Would Primitive Baptists Place the Possession of Eternal Life? In eternity?
  6. Alexander

    How Would Primitive Baptists Interpret Romans 3-5?

    How would a Primitive Baptist understand Romans 3-5 in the discussion of justification by faith alone. Also, maybe even Ephesians 2:8 Thanks !
  7. brandonadams

    Clarification on the label "1689 Federalism"

    In another thread, MW asked: The term "1689 Federalism" was coined approximately 5 years ago to describe the majority view of the 17th century particular baptists. It was a view that had been neglected/lost. 20th century Reformed Baptists were not familiar with it, thus a label was necessary...
  8. P

    Infant Baptism and Union With Christ

    I am a Reformed Baptist who is close to converting to Reformed Paedobaptism/Presbyterianism. I am working through the implications of paedobaptist theology pretty much on my own, as I have a Baptist family and Church. I am wondering what the significance of infant baptism is for union with...
  9. P

    Reformed Baptist Converting to Reformed Paedobaptist (A Practical Question)

    This is my first post. I am on something of a theological journey right now. I have always been a Reformed Baptist from the time I was saved, however just recently I have started questioning my understanding of the covenants and baptism. I'm about five inches from "conversion" to the...
  10. C

    'Direct Operation of the Holy Spirit' primitive Baptist doctrine

    Hello folks, I desire to join a solid Reformed Baptist Church, but there are none in my area. (There is one far away, but I'm not sure I'd like to drive that far, tbh.) I did, however, see this primitive Baptist Church that looks appealing but I was not sure about a certain doctrine they...
  11. sojourner

    What do you think of Bob Jones College/University

    I have checked out some online distance schools. ANd they are really expensive for me. ANyway, I found out a college --- a local college in my country that offers a cheap certificate in Biblical Studies for Women. I heard about Bob Jones University in the US. So what do you think about this...
  12. C

    Can a Baptist attend/be a member of a PCA church?

    I am a reformed baptist. I believe in credobaptism. I want to know if and why a credobaptist can attend a PCA church that believes in paedobaptism. I don't mean if a PCA church would allow me to be a member. But more so are my convictions concerning baptism a reason to not consider checking out...
  13. calvinich

    John Newton Brown's Debate With William Taylor over The Fourth Commandment

    You might find it interesting that John Newton Brown, the American Baptist pastor from the 1800's who wrote the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith, was a part of a "debate book" effort, where he argued for the Christian Sabbath against William Taylor. In my perusal of this document...
  14. RevZach

    What Items should be part of a Particular Baptist Theological "Sourcebook"

    I'm in the process of putting together a sourcebook (online and hard copies for my flock) of the most important theological documents in the early Particular Baptist movement. And, why don't we say all the way up through Spurgeon. I don't mean the kind of Baptist Heritage Sourcebook that...
  15. Z

    Nehemiah Coxe pdf scan

    Hello all, I am looking for a scanned copy of Nehemiah Coxes book on Discourse Concerning the Covenants. Does anyone have a copy or know where I can find one? I have checked all of the usual suspects,, google books, open library, puritan downloads, etc. Have any of you found it...
  16. Pilgrim

    A Presbyterian and a Reformed Baptist discuss baptism
  17. Davidius

    Baptists are not Protestants

    I know that some of the Baptists on the board get upset when some Presbyterians say that Baptists aren't Reformed. Well, it appears as though we're being quite lenient, and in comparison to Baptists, nonetheless! Recently I was looking at the websites of churches in Darmstadt, Germany and came...