1. J.L. Allen

    Sermons on Genesis

    People of this here lovely forum, Can y’all please send me sermons on Genesis? It needs to be in an audio format. It can be yourself, friends, family, favorites, or anyone else. I’m looking to listen to at least 10 sermons for a class assignment.
  2. M

    Audio sermons on consecration and Christian life

    Hello, I'm looking for an audio sermon (or a series of it) on Leviticus 20:7 "‘You shall consecrate yourselves therefore and be holy, for I am the LORD your God", or basically about consecration and the Christian life. Any links on this topic would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. charispistis

    Audio Series verse by verse of all 66 Books of Bible

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if this has been asked before, but I am looking for a bible study series verse by verse on all 66 books of the Bible. The only person I know that did this was J Vernon McGee on his 5 year study. I appreciate much of what he did, but he is not Reformed and is a...
  4. calvinich

    Audio Book Recordings Available

    Since September of last year, I've been working on recording readings of various edifying books that are out of copyright into MP3 audio books (Mainly I've been focusing on Puritan works). My voice is feeble and my reading is not great. But, it's been a blessing to me. Furthermore, I figure...
  5. C

    Recommended Audio Presentation of the Bible?

    So I've been looking at various audio presentations of the Bible. I don't like dramatic ones (light music and forceful reading are fine, but no Hollywood productions). I'm not a fan of the Listener's Bible by Max MacLean (regardless of translation; he reading speed is inconsistent, has awkward...
  6. reformedman

    Best Devotional for audio recordings

    I like to make audio recordings of books for people. There are a few people in New York who are blind who are particularly interested in getting more of my recordings. I am interested in starting a devotional reading but I can't decide which one. What is your recommendation of a devotional...