1. SebastianClinciuJJ

    Does the Roman Catholic Church reject the Penal Substitution Atonement theory?

    Grace and peace! I came across a very intersting passage in Expositio in Symbolum Apostolorum, Thomas Aquinas. Talking about the death of Christ he says: "Fourthly, we incur the punishment due to sin. For the justice of God demands that whosoever sins must be punished. This punishment...
  2. Matthew G. Bianco

    Did Jesus drink a cup of wrath or suffering?

    I was listening this video by an Arminian who tried to “refute” the doctrine of penal substitution. One of his arguments is that the “cup” Jesus mentioned in Luke 22:42 is not a cup of God’s wrath poured out against sin, but merely the physical suffering He would endure at his crucifixion...
  3. J

    Union with Christ or the Atonement

    Hi all, I'm a seminary student. Currently, I'm taking a church history class. One of the requirements is that we write a paper on a figure's theology. I chose to write on Owen, but I can't make up my mind for either the Atonement or Union with Christ. The paper is limited to 10 pages and the...
  4. T

    What is meant by Jesus facing God's Wrath?

    In what sense did Jesus take God's wrath on the Cross? It seems to me that scripture focuses more on the physical death, as Peter says, he bore our sins in His body. As I understand it the death of Christ met the requirements of God's law and is therefore propitious. But there does seem to be a...
  5. Danny

    Questions on the Atonement

    I am newly Reformed, and in the process of studying out the atonement I came across what Mark Driscoll calls Unlimited Limited Atonement. Essentially what he says is that on the cross Christ purchased all of humanity, and then as his possession he applied his forgiveness to the elect and his...
  6. C

    Berkhof and the necessity of Jesus' divinity

    On pg 319 (Banner of Truth Edition) of his Systematic Theology, in the chapter on the names and natures of Christ, Berkhof statest that it is absolutely essential for the Mediator to be very God in order that: 1. He might bring a sacrifice of infinite value and render perfect obedience to...
  7. Matthew1034

    The Falsehood of Blood Atonement I happened upon a man's video series on YouTube. The series is his defense against the theme of blood atonement in the old and new covenants. Here is the link to the comments page. His appeal is that Jesus' message is contradictory to the "blood...
  8. A

    Was Christ Forsaken by His Father?

    Was Christ Forsaken by His Father? « Chaos & Old Night Thoughts? :detective: