1. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW: Faith, Election and the Believer’s Assurance by George Gifford (1547-1620)

    Faith, Election and the Believer’s Assurance by George Gifford (1547-1620) George Gifford (1547-1620) was a most excellent puritan divine described as a fiery Gospel preacher, learned and able, being a great enemy to popery. In this Scriptural exhortation and teaching on 2 Peter 1:1-11...
  2. Charles Johnson

    Rutherford's Examination of Arminianism partly Translated

    Greetings brethren and fellow PBer's, There is a new translation of never-before-translated sections of Samuel Rutherford's Examen Arminianismi available now on Reformed Books Online. The work is a systematic examination and refutation of the teachings of the Remonstrant Arminians and it tends...
  3. Charles Johnson

    Re: Did Rushdoony have a 'Nestorian Nod'?

    On Sept. 3, 2018, we had a thread called "Did Rushdoony have a 'Nestorian Nod'?". The basic premise of the OP was that Rushdoony had said somewhere that it is properly the divinity and not the humanity of Christ that is the object of worship. I just came across a quote on the topic from...
  4. Unworthy_Servant

    A Question in regards to Edward's Freedom of the Will

    Recently I've been going through Edward's Freedom of the Will with a friend, and the other day we read through part 2 sect. 1 where he gives his Infinite Regress Argument against Arminianism. My understanding is that our Wills are contingent upon previous acts of the Will, and each act is never...
  5. Matthew G. Bianco

    James White Refutes Pastor's Anti-Calvinism

    A must see! James White made this podcast (or whatever it was) at the end of 2010 (I think). I found it on YouTube on a random channel (not Alpha and Omega Ministry's Channel) and downloaded it to upload it for myself on my channel. I believe James White here gets at some very essential points...
  6. Matthew G. Bianco

    Free Grace, Much Forgotten in Modern Evangelicalism

    This is an article I submitted to The Record, which is Wheaton College's student-run newspaper (I am a student there). They put it on and it was published and distributed on March 23, 2017: "I write this article with concern and with love for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here at...
  7. M

    Help me defend Reformed Theology

    Grace and Peace, I refuted a chapter on predestination from a Brazilian Seventh Day Adventist and defended the doctrines of predestination according to Reformed Theology. However, this month marks one year that I came to believe in the doctrines of grace and I don't know everything...
  8. M

    Fatalism vs Determinism vs Compatibilism

    Can anyone help to distinguish the meaning and implications of the following? 1. Fatalism vs Determinism 2. Fatalism vs Compatilism 3. Determinism vs Compatibilism Does anyone know a good article that talks about it?
  9. jd.morrison

    Arminianism = Will Worship?

    Hey all! I was checking out some media at and there is a Rev. Angus Stewart on there who was debating an Arminian (he himself being of the Reformed camp) and in it he referred to it as Will Worship. I have never heard it called that and was wondering what people thought about...