1. Haeralis

    How Aristotle's "Ethics" Helped to Cause the Reformation

    This helpful academic journal article from Dr. Ronald N. Frost delineates the role played by Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics in fostering the medieval scholasticism that the Protestant Reformers sought to replace with a purer Augustinian theology. Crucial topics explored within Aristotle’s...
  2. C

    Pelagianism: A Conversation I Had With Two Roman Catholic Friends

    So, recently I had a conversation with two Roman Catholic friends, a man and a woman. Both are well educated in the Catholic tradition. Both are conservative, pro-life, and completely committed to following the teaching of the Roman magisterium. Particularly, I overheard four comments that...
  3. johnbugay

    The root of Roman misunderstanding of Justification

    There is an exceptional discussion of justification in the early church over at Triablogue: Triablogue: Seeds Of The Reformation This is part of an ongoing discussion with some of the “Called to Communion” gang. As many of you probably know, justification was at the root of the...