1. Gwallard

    Apologetics in an age of nonsense

    Reading Bahnsen's "Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis" I was struck by this quote from Van Til: "Christianity is the only position that does not make nonsense of human experience" (pg 75) I was struck by it because that seems to be the aim of the "new" philosophies of our day. They...
  2. Von

    Advice on JW apologetics.

    I am meeting a Jehova's Witness this coming Sunday. The reason for our meeting is explicitly evangelistic in nature (I suppose from both sides...). Any advice? Specific points to watch out for / to focus on? I know there are good JW apologetic books out there (I've read one or two before), but...
  3. TheBruisedReed

    Debate Preparation: Atheism v. Christianity

    Greetings PB! I have recently been scheduled to participate in a live debate with a professing atheist. The topic for the debate, or question to be debated, is: "Is God's Existence Coherent and Congruent with Reality?" I already see that the phrasing of the question places "Reality" as the...
  4. Travis Fentiman

    Online Works Against the Roman Apologist Bellarmine

    The Jesuit Robert Bellarmine (d. 1621) was the most important apologist in all of Church history for the Romanist Church. Responses to his works numbered into the several hundreds. As Bellarmine's volumes of disputations covered most doctrines of the Christian faith in an orderly way, so full...
  5. Jonathan95

    Surrounded by Muslims who love asking me about my faith.

    In the beginning of summer I started out as a barista in this new place in Boston. The owner is an older man who practices Islam. We got to talking and he began to really respect me because I was apparently the first Christian He's come into close contact with who holds to the words of the Bible...
  6. C

    Was Scripture sufficient for Timothy?

    Morning all - I'm meeting with a RC who asked me this question, which I'm not sure how to address. If 2 Tim 3.14-17 teaches the sufficiency of Scripture, was it sufficient for Timothy? I think what he's getting at is that the NT wasn't written yet, so it's really referring to the OT. So if...
  7. J.L. Allen

    Podcast Recommendations?

    What podcasts do y'all recommend? I'm mostly looking for things in the realm of theology, cultural commentary, philosophy, apologetics, etc. If you have one outside of this wheelhouse, I'm good to hear that, too.
  8. RobertPGH1981

    Soc119 - Penn State Class Promoting Anti-Christian Messages

    Hello All, I came across the following post today on Facebook and wanted to gather thoughts on how one would respond to the professors claims. The class is called Soc119 and its being taught at Penn State in which it claims that it helps students "experience critical thinking when students are...
  9. ReformedChristian

    Always Ready- Dr Greg Bahnsen

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who just starting to study Presuppositional Apologetics. It was one of the first books I have read on this topic. If there is any book that helps beginners understand the Presuppositional method, this is the one. Broken down by chapters and sections the...
  10. ReformedChristian

    Apologetics Critique Of Deism

    Deism is defined as the belief that reason and and the Natural world are sufficient to determine the existence of God. Deists believe God is not knowable and untouchable. God is seen as the first cause of all creation, but he is not interactive within creation. Here is an analogy, think of God...
  11. Ask Mr. Religion

    Are Evangelicalism and Eastern Orthodoxy Compatible?

    Modern Reformation article by Horton freely available for the next three weeks: https://www.whitehorseinn.org/article/are-evangelicalism-and-eastern-orthodoxy-compatible/ "A cursory comparison of the indices of any primary or secondary work on Eastern Orthodoxy and evangelicalism exposes an...
  12. Matthew G. Bianco

    Defending Reformed Truths at a Ecumenical College

    I go to Wheaton College. Last month a Roman Catholic student posted up an article on the student forum wall (in the fellowship area) stating that she feels unwelcome at an evangelical school for her Roman Catholic beliefs. She stated that we should all be open arms for each other regardless of...
  13. Darlene N. Böcek

    Parents needed to beta-read about Suffering

    I posted on the Doctrine forum, since it really is connected to that, but I'm in search of parents/readers for a manuscript called (Writing on the Wall I) Suffering: A Parent's Blueprint 
to Answering the Big Questions of Life-with Christian Apologetics Activities for Kids-. For more info see...
  14. Darlene N. Böcek

    Suffering (Writing on the Wall I) (for parents) Beta readers needed

    I need some beta readers for my manuscript (Writing on the Wall Series I) Suffering: A Parent's Blueprint 
to Answering the Big Questions of Life-with Christian Apologetics Activities for Kids-. The document will be about 140 lettersize pages, including the activity guide. I'm looking for...
  15. gangelo

    Can we 100% prove the existence of God, due to the impossibility of the contrary?

    Can we 100% prove the existence of God, due to the impossibility of the contrary? Doesn't the presuppositional argument for the existence of God basically boil down to the Christian theistic worldview being the only worldview that makes rational sense? For example, Christian theists can make...
  16. amishrockstar

    Is "proof" beyond faith?

    Is it possible to prove/demonstrate the existence of God to an atheist (i.e. someone who doesn't accept the Bible as "proof")? If so, how can it be done effectively without using the Bible? If not, does that bother you, or are you comfortable with just saying it all comes down to "faith?" Is...
  17. RobertPGH1981

    Globalization, Cultural Differences and the Gospel

    Hello All, I have been reading a lot of material by Van Til, Sproul and others on apologetics. The main theme that is stated is that all of us presuppose a worldview and that worldview is defined by our culture. I experience this through my job since I have to travel internationally and notice...
  18. Ask Mr. Religion

    CARM MOAN (Mother of All Notebooks) 2017-01-30

    This 1100+ page Microsoft Word document lives up to its name. It is a comprehensive treatment of numerous apologetic topics. This is a rare item from my personal archives that you will want in your apologetics arsenal. And before anyone asks, from the CARM MOAN Copyright page: "The purpose of...
  19. M

    Seventh day adventism - books

    I've became friends with a Seventh Day Adventist who really takes his denomination's theology seriously. He tried to convince me that the Constantine changed the worship day to Sunday. I would like for anyone to recommend books on the following two topics, so I may choose one and give as a...
  20. M

    Christian books for Buddhists

    I have colleagues who are Theravada Buddhists, although I don't think they are serious practitioners. Anyway, I want to give them a Christian/Reformed book that emphasizes the person of Jesus Christ and salvation from sin. I also plan on evangelizing them, so I would appreciated bibliographic...
  21. M

    Works refuting Roman Catholicism

    Hello, I would like to know what are some of the greatest works of the 20th and 21st centuries that refutes the main Roman Catholic dogmas (such as church government and the Pope's office, worshipping and praying to the saints, etc.). Thank you
  22. M

    Ethics and Christian apologetics in College

    Hello brothers, I'll be taking Ethics in college. Students from various courses will be taking it. I always feel I have a responsibility to defend my faith in class if it so happens that a certain debate might need my input. So, I would like to receive advice and references to articles that...
  23. T

    What tense in the Greek is "emptied" (Himself) in Philippians 2:7?

    Hi brothers in Christ. I'm a young apologist for the Trinity but my Greek needs a lot of work and I don't have any good sources to know the answer to my question. What is the tense of the word "emptied" (kenoō) in Philippians 2:7? Past tense? Present tense? Future tense? Another tense? This is...
  24. G

    Thesis Topic Ideas

    Hi all, I'm in my first year of an Mdiv (apologetics major @ VES) and am keen to start thinking about my masters thesis. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas for an interesting thesis topic relating to Apologetics / Philosophy of Religion? Are there particular areas that seem to be...
  25. M

    Which Apologetics book to buy?

    I'm planning on buying one of the following apologetics books because they discuss various different subjects that are contemporary. However, I don't know which one of the two to get. Has any one read one of them or would anyone like to give an opinion on them to help me decide which one to buy...
  26. M

    Apologetics, Relativism, Ethnocentrism, Anthropology of Religion

    On my online Anthropology of Religion class, we will discuss and debate ethnocentrism and cultural relativism and the difference between the two. By the way, those who responded to my last post on Anthropology of Religion helped me greatly. I already exposed the limits of the scientific method...
  27. M

    Anthropology of Religion apologetics

    Greetings, I'll be studying anthropology of religion as part of an International Relations curriculum starting next week. What articles can you recommend me that will apologetically engage the main topics that anthropology of religion will teach, especially those topics that will criticize...
  28. Worddoer

    Responding to Brian Bosse's Presuppositional Critique

    In his article criticizing presuppositional apologetics, Brian Bosse lays out three premises that Greg Bahnsen makes in defense of presuppositional apologetics but claims that these premises are not established in an objectively certain manner. As a student of presuppositional apologetics, as I...
  29. M

    Books on Election and the Trinity - Need Recommendations

    Hello, I am looking forward to buying one book on Election and one on the Trinity but I don't know which to choose for my self (money is not a problem). I have studied to refute arminian proof texts from John Gill's The Cause of God and Truth, Jame White's Potter's Freedom, and essays on...
  30. M

    Help me defend Reformed Theology

    Grace and Peace, I refuted a chapter on predestination from a Brazilian Seventh Day Adventist and defended the doctrines of predestination according to Reformed Theology. However, this month marks one year that I came to believe in the doctrines of grace and I don't know everything...