2nd london baptist confession

  1. nuclear_calvinist

    Resources for Changes from WCF & SD to 2LBCF?

    Hello, I've tried searching in the group for similar topics. Hope I'm not duplicating an already-discussed topic. I'm looking for commentaries, resources, books, anything that discuss why the drafters of the 1677/1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith (2 LBCF) changed certain parts from the...
  2. brandonadams

    Clarification on the label "1689 Federalism"

    In another thread, MW asked: The term "1689 Federalism" was coined approximately 5 years ago to describe the majority view of the 17th century particular baptists. It was a view that had been neglected/lost. 20th century Reformed Baptists were not familiar with it, thus a label was necessary...