1650 psalter

  1. kodos

    [iOS Beta] 1650 Split Leaf Psalter.

    First of all, the response to the Android Beta has been overwhelming! I've gotten many heartfelt messages from people who have had their spiritual lives enhanced by the Android version. Praise God for that. If you already have the Android Beta - get the update on Google Play. There have been...
  2. Logan

    The Scottish Psalmody: A Review

    Like The Comprehensive Psalter the text of this psalter is from the 1650 Scots Metrical Version (SMV) so I will not review the text itself. It is available for purchase primariily from the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). Background Aside from the history of the SMV, I do not know much...
  3. Logan

    1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter: A Review

    Also known as the 1650 Psalter, the Psalms of David in Metre, and the Scottish Metrical Version (SMV). It is widely available both for free online and for sale in various formats (words-only or with music). Some recommended versions are The Comprehensive Psalter, if it can still be found, or The...