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    Orthodoxy and the Trinity (filioque)

    Here is a summary statement of a parish that is a member of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit: How big of a deal is this, both theologically and pragmatically? Is the Orthodox view worth the "split" of the Church? Does it make them heretical on this...
  2. Aco

    The Filioque-Controversy with the laity in a majority Eastern Orthodox country. One evening I gave a Bible Study and at the end there came up a question concerning the Filioque. Now, this question was asked by a fresh convert from EO (although nominal). It is the case that even nominal members of the EO-Church are aware of...
  3. Unoriginalname

    Filioque, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism

    ...this blog post by a convert from Protestantism to Eastern Orthodoxy. I really do not know a ton about the theological implications of the filioque clause. I am curious why we use it in Protestantism; would we say the original Nicene Creed was defective or incomplete without it? What are...
  4. Pergamum

    Is rejecting the filioque reason for assuming the lostness of somebody?

    If someone rejects the filioque phrase from the Creed, should we assume their lost state? If they go from accepting it to rejecting it, rather than merely remaining ignorant of the issues, does this show apostasy from Trinitarian teaching enough that we may label them as heretics?
  5. Reformed Covenanter

    Gerard Bray's article, "The Filioque Clause in History and Theology"

    In Robert Letham's Systematic Theology, he refers to this article by Gerard Bray on "The Filioque Clause in History and Theology" (published in the Tyndale Bulletin) as one of the best, pro-Western treatments of the subject. Has anyone here read it or have any thoughts on it?
  6. A

    Athanasian Creed and consequence of denying filioque

    One thing I don't understand about the Athanasian creed is why it makes the filioque (or eternal generation, for that matter) something necessary to believe for salvation. I know that the more I understand about the Trinity, the more I realize how important each Confessional statement...
  7. CharlieJ

    Athanasian Creed and consequence of denying filioque

    Bryan, I agree there is a necessary relationship, but the question is the direction of that relationship. "IF no filioque, THEN inclusivism" is cause, on its own ground, to reject "no filioque." However, "IF inclusivism, THEN no filioque" would not necessarily impinge on the filioque's status...
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    Doctrine of the Trinity.

    And with regards to the filioque:
  9. Ray

    Doctrine of the Trinity.

    Thanx. I tried earlier looking up filioque threads on here but when I'm searching it doesn't bring up as many threads as before in the old version of the PB. I Miss the old search engine in PB :) lol
  10. BayouHuguenot

    The Filioque-Controversy with the laity

    Depends on when in church history. In Toledo in the 7th century the Filioque was used to counter an Arian argument by proving the Son was God because he could produce a divine Person. That's a terrible argument, by the way, but it is independent of the Papacy. By the time you get to Thomas...
  11. CharlieJ

    Athanasian Creed and consequence of denying filioque

    If I had to, yes. But I believe in the filioque. I just don't think it rises to the same level as, say, Arianism. The confession of Jesus as Lord is directly challenged by Arianism and certain forms of subordinationism. I don't think the filioque rises to the same level as...
  12. BayouHuguenot

    Filioque, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism

    ...four or five times each over the past five years). Admittedly, recent Protestantism has done a terrible job in expounding and defending the Filioque. The filioque is such a wide topic that it's hard ot know where to start aside from specifics. The original creed wasn't defective, but it...
  13. Pergamum

    Is rejecting the filioque reason for assuming the lostness of somebody?

    ...and exclusion by rejection. None of the Creeds are complete doctrinal statements and are incomplete. Therefore, the exclusion of the filioque originally does not mean that the early Church rejected the filioque, only that they chose to emphasize one Trinitarian aspect over another. But...
  14. BayouHuguenot

    Hanegraaff to Constantinople

    We're not really allowed to talk about him, but he was a Covenanter who then rejected the Filioque, then rejected the EO church (but said they were right on the Filioque), then became Hebrew roots/Natsarim, then got mad at them. No idea what he is now.
  15. Doulos McKenzie

    Hanegraaff to Constantinople

    Why are we not allowed to talk about him?
  16. Claudiu

    Filioque, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism

    To their credit, I think they have said more on that point.
  17. Marrow Man

    Eastern Orthodox and the Athanasian Creed

    I read this article this morning and it made we wonder about how firmly EOs hold to the Filioque statement in the Nicaean-Constantinopolitan Creed. The article includes this paragraph: The...
  18. Ask Mr. Religion

    Doctrine of the Trinity.

    I don't miss it. The search feature here is an improvement.
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    Are Arminians cult or not?

    The Chalcedonian version--the filioque is moot, as its substance is at least strongly implied by the text (at least in my understanding).
  20. Guido's Brother

    Eastern Orthodoxy ...

    Are you saying that the Athanasian Creed is incorrect in making the Filioque an indispensable part of the Catholic faith which "unless a man keeps it in its entirety inviolate, he will assuredly perish eternally"?
  21. A

    Athanasian Creed and consequence of denying filioque

    Thank you all for your posts, and thank you Bryan for posting those dangers of denying the filioque. Thanks! That was quite helpful. However, I have trouble following the logic at this point. I can see that a complete denial of a personal property denies the personhood of a person of the...
  22. A

    Athanasian Creed and consequence of denying filioque

    ...why I delayed in replying. For my current thoughts on the matter, so you (or anyone) can see where my confusion lies.... If denying the filioque leads to Arianism, it seems that it could also just as easily lead to the denial of the Holy Spirit's deity, because it appears that both would...
  23. BayouHuguenot

    Doctrine of the Trinity.
  24. arapahoepark

    Christ present by his spirit

    I can only think of the Filioque. I agree Ruben. Sorry I am not much help.
  25. BayouHuguenot

    Between Augustine and Aquinas

    ...Friedman, Russell L., Medieval Trinitarian Thought from Aquinas to Ockham, Cambridge Papadakis, Aristeides, Crisis in Byzantium: The Filioque Crisis in the Patriarchate of the Gregory II of Cyprus (1283-1289) , SVS Siencienski, A. Edward, The Filioque: A History of a Doctrinal Controversy...
  26. P

    General church history/theology question (Eastern Orthodoxy)

    I would agree with you there. Barth convinced me of its importance and the only reason that I didn't mention it in my earlier post is that I try to be careful who I recommend him to. He's only for the historically and confessionally grounded.
  27. Pergamum

    Is rejecting the filioque reason for assuming the lostness of somebody?

    p.s. follow-up question: Would we consider this revised Athanasian Creed (with the filioque) to truly be an ecumenical creed? It was Western and not truly "ecumenical" due to excluding the eastern Churches. Or, at the point in which the eastern churches denied the filioque do we insist that...
  28. chuckd

    Is rejecting the filioque reason for assuming the lostness of somebody?

    a good thread on it has been done here.
  29. BayouHuguenot

    LBC 14.1, The Spirit of Christ vs the Holy Spirit?

    This is is one of those rare times where the Filioque debate could shed some light on the issue.