Young's Analytical Concordance 2018-10-19

Young's concordance and lexicon of all words in the KJV

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    In this concordance, every word in the English Bible is cast into proper alphabetical order, these are then arranged under their respective original words, all in their own proper alphabetical order.

    This is around a 220MB download. It has been OCR'd and and Table of Contents added. This is the smallest available OCR'd electronic version of Young's Analytical Concordance.

    The scanned version is not the highest quality, but it is more than adequate using your pdf reader's page magnification features. Your pdf reader's search function can be used to locate words, passages, etc. The OCR is not 100% accurate for spellings, but you should have little difficulty finding what you are looking for in this document.

    Lexicons are included for all Hebrew and the Greek word renderings.

    There are also sections on proper names and archaeological findings.

    At the link provided, select the Download links on the page to obtain the item.