By Matthew Winzer
Originally published in Credo Quarterly, March 2002. Republished first on PB here.
(See handling of the topic of the regulative principle of worship in Westminster and Worship Examined)

The Psalter-the Only Hymnal? is the title of a booklet written by Iain Murray and published by the Banner of Truth Trust.1 The Banner of Truth is well known throughout the world for the part it had to play in the revival of a reformed worldview in the mid twentieth century, and especially in the department of reissuing literature which enabled the church to stand in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths. Iain Murray, particularly, has devoted himself to the service of the church in this regard; and the church, undoubtedly, has been the better because of the blessing of the Lord upon his labours. In the areas of the reformation of the church, the puritan hope, unity, and revival, he ought to be heard for the breadth of learning and depth of insight that he manifests. Meanwhile, his biographical works demonstrate a healthy balance of hagiography and critical analysis, and these are a testimony to his spiritual devotion and vision.