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Thread: Need help articulating my view on Scripture

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    Need help articulating my view on Scripture

    Lately I have a hard time articulating something is upsetting me internally. I hear various preachers (ministers, students, and professors) and I see various presuppositional differences. Some interpet the word of God literally, at face value. This kind of hermenutic displays God as a serious God (while still maintaining grace found in Christ). I would say that these preachers are orthodox, some Ph. D students even who are solidly reformed. I wonder this: the sermon though seems that life is more about repentence and giving it all over to Christ. In contrast, other preachers, some who I would also say are solidly reformed, display a kind of God who is everloving, his kindness leads us to repentence but there seems to be a less "imminent" view of Christ and a seriousness of living day to day. THe first man is a more high strung person and a Ph.d Student. The second has been in ministry for years and has a family. Discussion? Which Jesus is right?
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    I appreciate that you are trying to be careful and not name names, but this sounds like something that would be best discussed in private with your pastor or Session.
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