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Thread: John Calvin the....homosexual?

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    John Calvin the....homosexual?

    The person who posted this is seems rabidly anti-calvin (judging by other things he wrote) but this was sent to me by a Roman Catholic proving that Calvin was a homosexual.
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    Here's the easy answer:
    Someone who can't be trusted to handle multiple, readily available, clear, and full sources accurately (Calvin's doctrine of predestination and divine sovereignty) doesn't commend himself as a reliable source for obscure, controverted, and missing sources (the arrest record in Noyon).
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    Not sure about the sodomy charge proof, but a simple Google search shows very few in the way of resources on this regard.

    In addition, the one source I did find (see links below), points out the conviction was in 1527 (age 18), not in 1534 as this writer claims. Assuming he did commit this crime, he was an unbeliever when it occurred. As a result, it would hardly be fair to judge the genuineness of his conversion based on his past life.

    What are we to think of Calvin
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    When I read the title I got slightly angry. I am scared to open the link......
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    So he was branded on the shoulder with a lily. And the Geneva City Council who paid him a nice salary never thought to ask to see it? It would seem a rather easy claim to settle one way or another.
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    My neighbors tell people that I am a drug dealer, and that i prostitute myself for money as well.

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    12 "Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
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