Brothers and Sisters, I am interested to know how your church has structured its Adult Christian Education ministry. How does your church teach the people?

Do you have several classes or only one? What the theological reasons guide your church's Adult Christian Education?

How does your Adult Christian Education progress? Does it have a progression in "level"? (eg Grammar -> Logic -> Rhetoric)

For example, Capitol Hill Baptist has what they term, "Core Seminars" which consist of

1. Membership
2. Basics
3. Bible Overview
4. History and Theology
5. Christian Life
6. Christian Growth

Most of us, being confessional, undoubtedly use the standards and WSC/WLC to teach, and if your church does this, then I would like to hear how you use them for new and experienced Christians alike. Maybe your church does a year-round "Christianity Explored" class to which your members can bring newer Christians. Do you do evangelism "training" or "how to.... share your faith/disciple/study the bible"?

I'd of course, also like to know what criticisms and suggestions for improvement you would make to your church in respect to the teaching ministry, too. Teaching is a passion of mine, and teaching the church even more so. It would be great to see what others are doing!