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Thread: A bad omen for William and Kate?

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    A bad omen for William and Kate?

    I just saw this and I found it humorous. What a gaffe! But is it a sign?

    William and Kate split
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    This is a a travesty. How could they do this!

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    All joking aside, I would not be surprised if this split came about someday just because of some self fulfilling prophecy from ridiculous claims like this.
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    They should have gotten the Forever Stamps!
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    This could also be taken as another sign that NZ is moving closer and closer to leaving the Commonwealth. "Wills" did go on a tour of those areas most affected by the earthquake not only to support the Kiwis, but show that the Royals are still relevant to Australia and New Zealand. This is just my opinion. I believe Prince William to be the most sincere of all the Royals.
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