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Thread: Co-founder of Reformation Translation Fellowship, Dr. Charles Chao, is with Jesus

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    Co-founder of Reformation Translation Fellowship, Dr. Charles Chao, is with Jesus

    Friends, Dr. Charles Chao, who along with Dr. JG Vos co-founded Reformation Translation Fellowship has gone to be with Jesus. He died yesterday in a nursing home in San Dimas, California. He was 94 years old.

    His biography Out of the Tiger's Mouth, is worth reading.

    Here is a few more bits of information:

    Here is his "Minister's Sketch" from The Covenanter Ministers, published in 1963:

    Charles Chung-Hui Chao, son of Hsin Te and Dorcas Liu, was born in Manchuria, China on June 6, 1916. He attended grade school in the Chung Ku Elementary School, high school at Kai-Yuan and his college work was taken at Kwansei Gakuin University from which he was graduated in March, 1936 with a B.A. Degree.

    He united with the RP Church in February, 1949, in Canton, China. His theological training was begun in 1939 in Newchang Bible Seminary, Yingkow, China, and was continued in our Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1956-57. A year's graduate study followed in 1958 in Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

    He was licensed to preach in December 1950, by the Far East Commission of the RP Church. He was ordained to the Gospel ministry by the Far East Commission in Kobe, Japan, on May 13, 1954.

    On March 4, 1932, he was married to Li Yu Chen Chao. They have ten children: Theodore, Jonathan, Helen, Jean, Samuel, Harry, Bill, Grace, Lois, and Rose.

    At first, Mr. Chao came to this country without his family. Later, through the remarkable answers to prayer, he has been enabled to bring his wife and children to this country, where their education has been continued. Mr. Chao has preached well over the church and has addressed our Synod. Since 1949 he has been serving as Executive Secretary of the Reformation Translation Fellowship, which he had a hand in organizing while still in Hong Kong, China. He has his home in Los Angeles, California.
    And a note from the president of RTF (and clerk of the RPCNA):

    Dear Friends,
    You have already received notice of the passing into glory of the Reverend
    Dr. Charles H. Chao yesterday afternoon. The Board of the Reformation
    Translation Fellowship gives thanks to God for the extensive ministry God gave
    this man particularly through the translation of theological works into the
    Chinese language. When westerners, including all missionaries, were expelled from China in the 1940ís, Reformed Presbyterian missionaries used the means of the written word to continue the work they had started. Dr. Chao was key to this work since for decades, he was virtually the only translator. The account of his escape from the communists is a thrilling account of Godís working in behalf of his people. That account is recorded in Charlesí autobiography, Out of the Tigerís Mouth. Check your church library for a copy of it and if it isnít there, order it. After living in Japan for a few years he came with his wife and ten children to America in 1958. I was able to attend the Westminster Seminary graduation in which Dr. Chao received his second doctorate degree. The Asian students there were greatly disappointed that Dr. Chaoís health prevented them from being able to visit after the ceremony with this man whose work had meant so much to them in their understanding of the faith. Dr. Chaoís son, Jonathan (who also served the Reformation Translation Fellowship extensively) and daughter, Helen, preceded him to the joy of eternity with the Lord. Please remember in prayer the family that awaits that joy, particularly Pearl who was his wife for 78 years.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    J. Bruce Martin, President
    Reformation Translation Fellowship Board
    Pastor Nathan Eshelman
    Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA)
    Master of Divinity, Master of Theology (candidate) Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
    Doctor of Ministry, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    Gentle Reformation

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    Thanks for passing this information along, Nathan.
    Wayne Sparkman, Th.M., C.A.
    Director, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, MO
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    One of Dr. Chao's daughters contacted me and wanted to note that Dr. Chao passed away at his home in Temple City, CA surrounded by friends and family.

    Rest in Peace.
    Ruling Elder, PCA, Northern VA

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