OK, I can't think of the right word. I know there are a few guitar players here and I'm hoping you can help.

I have a pretty nice Taylor. There's part of me that wants to get a better guitar but mine is just fine and, frankly, I'm neither good enough nor play regularly enough to spend more right now.

Anyway, that's not the problem.

I've been frustrated because I can tune my low E precisely and then when I begin to move up the fretboard, the tuning is off. It's especially prevalent when I Capo the guitar. I played at Church on Sunday and it seemed that if I tuned the low string to F for Capo 1 that it seemed to hold the tune moving up the guitar (played a couple of songs Capo 2 and 3) but if I went with no Capo then the Low E was a bit sharp.

I thought I had the problem licked. I took it to the local Guitar Center to see if it was a neck problem and they noticed that the bridge had a slight crack. I thought that must be the problem but even with a fixed bridge the behavior continues. There was a fringe benefit, at least, because they lowered the action on the guitar and put extra light strings and it made much more of a joy to play.

Perhaps the answer to my quandry is that I just need to get another guitar. Is there a level below I should not consider buying a guitar to avoid this in the future. My Taylor is on the low end of their product line and this might account for it although it has been a nice guitar.

Of course, Lawrence in this thread has me desirous of a Larrivee.