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Thread: My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms

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    My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms

    Saw this on Justin Taylor's blog, ordered it immediately!

    My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms: Gregory Wilbur - Music - Worldview & Culture, Music | Ligonier Ministries Store

    There's a free mp3 link to the first selection, Now Unto Jehovah (Psalm 29)

    Contributors include Michael Card, Steve Green, Wes King, and Bruce Carroll.
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    Louisville, KY

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    Re: My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms

    I highly recommend this project . It is excellent.
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    I highly recommend this also....we are wearing out this as we speak....

    Nathan Clark George and Katie Snow are the highlights, the arrangements are great and the whole family will be singing along.
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