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Thread: simple wargames for kids

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    simple wargames for kids

    Does anyone know of any simple and (relatively) short board wargames suitable to play with kids (6+)?
    Scott Roberts
    Ruling Elder, Lakeside Presbyterian Church (PCA)
    Southlake, Texas

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    Other than Risk?
    Seth Stark
    Member, Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC), Springfield, IL (though I live in Decatur, IL)

    (Formerly Ruling Elder, Communion Presbyterian Church (ARP), Irvine, CA)
    M.A. Science and Religion, Biola University
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    When I was 12 I had a cool game called Weapons and Warriors. It was really fun. You get to sit around on the floor, roll a die, then take these cool plastic marbles and shoot at each others men with these neat little plastic cannons, catapults, etc. There were many different ones, castles, pirates, etc. Excellent games, I would still play them today if I did not break all the little guys. I would recommend this game, I got a 5, 7, and 8 year old to play it ... they enjoyed it. (However, I am not sure if it is still sold)
    Stratego may be a little advanced as of yet for a 6 year old... but it is good for 8-10 year old.
    When they get to ages 11+, Axis and Allies and of course, RISK!
    Jonathan Brown
    Bedford, New Hampshire
    Grace Free Presbyterian Church
    Highschool Graduate

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    I think Battleship is a good choice.
    The rules are simple... yet it helps develop logical thinking.
    Senior Pastor
    Grace Covenant Church
    Dallas, GA

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    Stratego is a classic and a good one for battlefield strategy.

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    Risk, Battleship and Stratego! I loved those games growing up, and I still do!

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    Has anyone ever used any simple rules for plastic army figures? I found some on the internet.
    Scott Roberts
    Ruling Elder, Lakeside Presbyterian Church (PCA)
    Southlake, Texas


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