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Thread: Heidelcast: State of the FV Controversy, Leithart Case, James Jordan, and Theocracy

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    Heidelcast: State of the FV Controversy, Leithart Case, James Jordan, and Theocracy

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    Joining me again is the Rev Mr Lane Keister, pastor of Hull Christian Reformed Church and Hope Reformed Church in Hague, ND. Hes well known for his work on Greenbaggins.

    Today, were talking about the latest developments in the Leithart case in the Pacific NW Presbytery PCA (see the links below). Were also going to listen to a few audio clips of some public remarks by a leading light in the FV movement, James Jordan.

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    I listened to that before church this morning. Exceedingly well done, with some audio clips by James Jordan where he says the Holy Spirit has caused all the Calvinists except the FV to have a lack of understanding. Drs. Clark and Keister are really making this teaching clear to non trained theologians.

    I almost NEVER listen to recordings, since I get bored easily, and I think this may be (along with the first part) the first recordings I've ever recommended in all the years I've been a member here.
    Tim Vaughan
    Member, Redeemer Presbyterian, OPC,
    Santa Maria

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    I have listened to them all. I love them as well as Covenant Radio with Todd Peddlar and William Hill Jr. Office Hours and Covenant Radio are my faves. Along with Car Talk. LOL. Gotta love Click and Clack.
    ​R. Martin Snyder
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    "Our object should not be to have scripture on our side but to be on the side of scripture; and however dear any sentiment may have become by being long entertained, so soon as it is seen to be contrary to the Bible, we must be prepared to abandon it without hesitation."
    William Symington

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    Thanks Randy and thanks to Lane for joining me again.

    If you haven't seen it, in the comments under the post on the HB, James Bordwine, one of the complainants has an interesting explanation of what's happening.

    Heidelcast 14 March 2010: Clark & Keister on the Leithart Case, James Jordan, & the Theocratic Background of the FV Movement

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    I loved all three of the recordings. My computer wouldn't let me listen to them until last night, I don't why. I really thought your compareson between the Canons of Dordt's condemnations of Armenianism and the FV to be enlightning. I am going to reread them with that connection in mind.
    Pinewood Presbyterian church (PCA)
    Jacksonville, FL
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