Thomas Boston (Works, 8:227):

There is a certain pleasure and sweetness in the cross, to those who have their
senses exercised to discern, and to find it out. There is a certain sweetness in a manís
seeing himself upon his trial for heaven, and standing candidate for glory. There is a
pleasure in travelling over those mountains, where the Christian can see the prints of
Christís own feet, and the footsteps of the flock, who have been there before him.
How pleasant is it to a saint, in the exercise of grace, to see how a good God crosses
his corrupt inclinations, and prevents his folly! How sweet is it to behold these
thieves upon the cross! How refined a pleasure is there in observing how God draws
away provision from unruly lusts, and so pinches them, that the Christian may get
them governed! Of a truth, there is a paradise within this thorn-hedge.