OK, boys and girls,

I have read some of the past threads offering arguments for why SWRB is not a particularly reliable source of materials (e.g., copyright issues, business practices, etc.).

However, perhaps it is only my covetous nature, but the idea of 11,000 Reformed and Puritan resources that could be loaded onto ONE external portable drive has my inner Pavlovian salivating. The current pre-pub deal has the following for $695.50:
* All files work with all operating systems and computers, PC or MAC.
* Over 11,000 Resources (Puritan and Reformed Books, MP3s And Videos)
* Includes Over 500,000 Pages Of Great Christian Books!
* Includes Over 368,000 Minutes Or 6,133 Hours Of Audio Material On Over 9,000 MP3s And Over 100 Hours Of Videos (So Load Up Your iPhone, iPod, Zune, Or Any Other Portable Device And Take The Best Reformation and Puritan Sermons And Audio Books With You Everywhere You Go)
* Over 5,000 Important And Historic Reformed And Puritan MP3s (Audio Books And Sermons) Which Are NOT Available At Sermonaudio.com/SWRB
* Includes Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Resources!
OK, bibliophiles, attorneys, old salty dogs of the Reformed persuasion, PLEASE give me something to hang onto here. I'm on the ledge, the people below are shouting (buy . . . buy . . . buy . . . buy). I need an intervention. Anybody out there know anything about this deal or Reg Barrow's operation that they can share with me? Sproul, Beeke, Beisner, and McMahon are all cited as saying it is the next best thing since chocolate fudge sundaes. I receive these offers constantly, but it has gotten sweet enough to be difficult to resist.

[BTW, I do NOT have access to the old English books project where you can obtain some of the out of print materials.]