When we began attending a URCNA church a little over four years ago, we learned of their policy of rotating their church officers. I believe this is also the practice of the RCUS. We were unfamiliar with this practice, as they do not practice this in the OPC.

When I asked one URCNA elder why this is done, he said that it's easy for officers to get tired after awhile and they need a break every so often. This is understandable. Both offices require lots of hard work in addition to the normal everyday load of a job/career and providing for a home and family, etc.

He also said that if elders are serving for too long a period, they tend to get "heavy-handed" because of burn-out. It would seem to me, however, that heavy-handedness (if that's even a word!) can come from other things other than just fatigue.

I'd like to know people's thoughts on the subject - both pro and con. I'd really like to study this subject further and I'd like your views! Thank you all.