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Thread: Preparing a preschooler for his baptism

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    Preparing a preschooler for his baptism

    In the next couple of weeks, my husband and I will take our vows of membership in a PCA church. We've been indy-fundy-Baptists our whole lives, so this is a new experience for us (even taking vows for membership!). And we want to baptize our sons -- 4.5 years and 2 years old.

    The two-year-old is more infant than not, so I'm not that concerned about his understanding. The 4.5 yo, however, is inquisitive. We're reviewing the story of Christ's baptism, and we have *one* baby friend's baptism on video. But do you all have any other suggestions? Books? Any clues? Anybody have a video of a child getting baptized?


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    We were in a somewhat similar situation last year with our 3.5 yo daughter. I deferred to experience and asked my pastor to discuss it with her. I was doing good to understand paedo-baptism from my (the parent's) perspective, I struggled with how to explain it to her properly.

    The way it worked out, I think it was the best thing I could have done.
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    Praise God that your children are getting the sign of the covenant.

    We have videos of both our sons if yall would like to see them. You can also get one of the best books on the subject: "The Impotent Argument Against Biblical Baptism" by W.A. Mackay, Zion Publishing.

    You can get the book at Zion Presbyterian Church

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    I would explain simply the actions of the pastor, that this is God's way of marking his people, with a little water.

    And then I would ask him to watch quietly as his little brother is baptized, and then patiently submit to it himself. You might just splash him with water yourself tonight to let his see it is "not scary".

    Then talk about it after church.
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    You could also explain that the water is God's way of promising them that He will save them if they trust in Jesus.
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    Hmm. . . . okay, okay. Good stuff. I think the splashing of water might be a good thing so he understands. I know I practiced getting baptized before my credobaptism. . . . but that's a little more intense -- going UNDER and all.

    I'd like him to see that video, John, if you don't mind. It'd be good, I think, for him to see one *at church* too. Gotta figure that one out.

    Thanks you all!!

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