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Thread: Wow...the comments dispies make

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    Wow...the comments dispies make

    I am NOT looking for something to say back here (I already replied) but just look at the kind of comments I get at other places I post (and this is a board where other reformed folk post at as well JFYI).


    Apparently you haved entered the "sophomore" phase of your Christian life. [Laugh]

    Honestly, in less than a year you know the "ins and outs" of Reform theology?? the pratfalls and pitfalls of free will??

    Those a are very superficial texts that you offer. Take the we are all one family now. Well, that is true for the age we live in. There is no doubt that Jews and Gentiles are one in Christ. But the OT saints could not have the salvation experience we had -- Christ had not yet died. Why do you think they went to "Abraham's bosom" instead of heaven when they died? Why do you think Jesus "led captivity captive" -- those in Sheol were led to heaven only after the Sacrafice was accepted by God. How can you think that OT saints will be raptured with Christians who have an entirely other experience not the least of which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that OT saints never had??

    I know Reformed all seems too wonderful now -- like "first love." But remember, it was not/is not your first love. The shine will be off the apple in no time -- especially since that theology does not answer all the questions as you now think it does.
    -Sophmore phase?

    -Not my first love?

    -Doesn't answer allthe questions?

    Just wanted to share.
    Adam Leavelle
    Independence Reformed Bible Church

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    Sophomore? That's quite a complement. I'm honored to be in the presence of an upper classman.

    In their view, most of the Luke 16 passage is taken literally. I'm curious about what they say it means to be in Abraham's bosom. Is that taken literally too? If I understand where they're coming from, Lazarus was literally in Abraham's bosom. How large would that bosom have to be to accomodate all of the OT saints? And what would have happened to those saints who lived before Abraham? Since he was born after they lived, they couldn't have been placed in Abraham's bosom?

    Just wondered if you've gotten a feel for what they believe about this?

    The shine will be off the apple in no time -- especially since that theology does not answer all the questions as you now think it does.
    My apple seems to get more and more shiny each day, how about yours?

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    I'd congratulate this underclassmen understanding your greater experience and understanding...assure him after finger-painting he'll grasp what you're talking about...

    Okay, don't really say that.

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    Why cast your pearls before the swine?
    Scott Bushey
    Husband to Tina, father to Nicole, Danielle and Zoe
    Seminary attempt @ The North American Reformed Seminary

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    It's a mixed board. There are some who are reformed and it's civil discussion MOST times.

    If you notice though, I have posted here more and more as time goes on. Eventually I will post here only I believe.


    They believe Abraham's bosom was a "resting place" that the Saints went to before Christ's crucifiction.


    Adam Leavelle
    Independence Reformed Bible Church

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    By the way, great new avatars, Adam and Scott!

    A passion to know and reflect Christ by living and demonstrating the truth and richness of the historic Reformed faith

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    That is exactly why we have our membership agreement here on PB; it creates likemindedness. There are less discontinuities, which create more harmony. On boards that differ greatly in theology, you're gonna have these silly arguments. It will eventually tire you. My suggestion: You will know what to expect prior to embarking in conversations on boards of this type. Keep it centered on that which you can agree on. You will have less frustration.
    Scott Bushey
    Husband to Tina, father to Nicole, Danielle and Zoe
    Seminary attempt @ The North American Reformed Seminary

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    I LOVE the membership agreement here!
    Adam Leavelle
    Independence Reformed Bible Church

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    Scott Bushey
    Husband to Tina, father to Nicole, Danielle and Zoe
    Seminary attempt @ The North American Reformed Seminary

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    patty cake, patty cake....

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    Originally posted by joshua

    Goof ball
    Perhaps...but with most of my goofy responses, there is a hint of truth...

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    Originally posted by Scott Bushey
    Somebody discovered the Smiley extension for Firefox!!

    Fred Greco
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    "The heart is the main thing in true religion...It is the hinge and turning-point in the condition of man's soul. If the heart is alive to God and quickened by the Spirit, the man is a living Christian. If the heart is dead and has not the Spirit, the man is dead before God." (J.C. Ryle)

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    When an opponent in debate resorts to condescension you can be sure he's trying to hide the fact that he is, infact, insecure in his position.
    PCA, MI

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    last I checked, wasn't there a similar belief on 'Abraham's Bosom' in the early church as well ?
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    Oh! Oh! I got one! (hand waving madly in air)

    J. Vernon McGee said Jonah was dead for 3 days inside the fish, and that's why he was such a good type of Christ! You gotta take it literally, as Jonah was 3 days in the belly of the fish, so shall the Son of Man be... get it? Just exactly the same! Mom had to call to tell me this exciting fact, and how long ago she'd learned it.
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    Dead? Ppl have been found alive inside of a whale before. Where does it say he died?!

    And as having been (past tense) a dispy...I was taught (or maybe God guided my heart to already know) that Abraham's bosom WAS heaven (a symbolic term).
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  17. So what exactly [i]is[/b] Abraham's bosom?


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