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    Kepler Quote

    I am merely striving to think God's thoughts after Him.

    (Johann Kepler, German Lutheran scientist, 1541-1630)

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    Kepler died on November 15, 1630.

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    Mr. Matthew Johnson
    Bethlehem Baptist Church, BGC (Mlps, MN)
    Burnsville, MN

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    Kepler was a Van Tillian...

    or is Van Til a Keplerian?...
    Chris Rhoades -33
    Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (PCA) Nashville, TN-Under Care

    Vera theologia non theoretica, sed practica est; Finis siquidem eius agere est hoc est vitam vivere deiformem. - Martin Bucer
    ""True theology is not theoretical, but practical. The end of it is living, that is to live a godly life."

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    Perhaps they are both Augustinian.
    Bobby Gawthrop, V.D.M.
    licensed, ordained SBC, licensed PCA
    Ph.D. student (Whitefield Theological Seminary)
    "Every minister in those days had a V.D.M. degree: Verbum Dei Minister. When, therefore, I became a teacher of apologetics it was natural for me to think, not only of my Th.M. and my Ph.D., but above all of my V.D.M. The former degrees were but means whereby I might be true to the latter degree." Cornelius Van Til

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    *Peter Gray* Elkins Park RPCNA

    "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. " Mk 9:24
    "The greatest thing we can desire, next to the glory of God, is our own salvation; and the sweetest thing we can desire is the assurance of our salvation. In this life we cannot get higher than to be assured of that which in the next life is to be enjoyed. All saints shall enjoy a heaven when they leave this earth; some saints enjoy a heaven while they are here on earth." Joseph Caryl


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