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Thread: Interpretation... what's the role of the Holy Spirit?

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    Interpretation... what's the role of the Holy Spirit?

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    Grace is given by the Spirit, and the Spirit Directs us to read what God will have for us in the Scriptures. There is no excuse for a Christian not to find the truth in the Scriptures. I have an Aunt who has been caught up in the Evangeljellyism and when I show something from the scripture she will say "Well, the Spirit as not led me to that", That is wrong thinking, the Spirit directs us to the Scriptures and he will never led us contrary to Scriptures. A Christian who is directed by the Spirit, will be directed to the Scriptures to which the Truth is contained... It is not imposing man laws, it is imposing the Word of God which contains God's Laws.

    So... anyone who is not interpreting the Word of God like you (or Calvin) does not have the Holy Spirit leading them? Furthermore, any church that does not worship "perfectly" is heretical...??

    Am I missing something?

    I think maybe we have a misunderstanding of the Spirit's role... It's my understanding that the Holy Spirit He not responsible for interpreting these kind of secondary issues. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, righteousness, and judgment... and He is the Teacher who reminds us of what has been taught. But He does not interperate for us. That's our responsibility. If that were His responsibility, then the conclusion could be made that "we" are the only Christians... everybody else is lost.

    How else can two great men of God like Sproul and MacArthur have such different views on Baptism?

    Am I close? What do ya'll think?
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