To say I don't post here much is an understatement but I do enjoy reading the wealth of information here on a daily basis. The reason for this post is to alert you to a new CD by our Pastor of Worship (Jim Spencer, Faith Community Church in Kansas City) "His Faithfulness - The Poetry of Amy Carmichael set to music by Jim Spencer". We have been praying for Jim and this project for some time and its release is, with much anticipation, almost here (July 31).

For those of you familiar with Amy Carmichael, you know the depth of her poetry and of her love for the Lord. The music Jim has written is equally prayerful and worshipful and we believe does much honor to Miss Carmichael. We pray that the Lord might use this cd to His glory.

Below are a few excerpts of lyrics from my personal favs:

On Calvary's Cross
(Lyric Excerpt)

I have a Savior; though I sought
Through earth and air and sea
I could not find a word, a thought
To show Him worthily

But planted here in rock and moss
I see the Sign of utmost loss
I hear a word "“ "œOn Calvary´s cross
Love gave Himself for Thee
Love gave Himself for Thee""¦

Thou Didst Die for Me - Communion Worship Song
(Lyric Excerpt)

O my beloved Lord
Thou Bread of Life adored
Thou who didst die for me
O, I worship Thee

O my beloved Lord
Thou Wine of Life outpoured
Thou who didst die for me
O, I worship Thee
Lord, I worship Thee"¦

By Thy Cross and Passion
(Lyric Excerpt)

O God of burning altar fire
O God of love´s consuming flame
Make pure the flame of our desire
To win the lost, to seek Thy name

Now by Thy cross and passion, Lord
Grant us this plea, this sovereign plea
Save us from choosing peace for sword
And give us souls to give to Thee

There is no coldness, Lord, in Thee
O keep us kindled, lest we bring
To our dear Lord of Calvary
Dead ashes for our offering"¦

If you are interested and would like to find out more (including lyric excerpts from the rest of the songs and mp3 clips) check out http://www.jimspencermusic.com