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Meditating on the Preached Word discuss Sermons for this Lord's Day 1/03/2010 in the Preaching forums; I exhorted on John 17 this AM:

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    Sermons for this Lord's Day 1/03/2010

    I exhorted on John 17 this AM:
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    We heard an excellent sermon on Eph 1:2-14...
    Rev. Benjamin P. Glaser, M. Div, ARP
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    ‎‎"Ministers of the Gospel, when dispensing the truths of God, must preach home to their own souls, as well as unto others. Sir's, we do not deliver truths or doctrines to you, wherein we ourselves have no manner of concern. No, our own souls are at the stake, and shall either perish or be saved eternally, as we receive or reject these precious truths which we deliver unto you. And truly, it can never be expected that we will apply the truths of God with any warmth or liveliness unto others, unless we first make a warm application thereof to our own souls. And if we do not feed upon these doctrines, and practise these duties, which we deliver to and inculcate upon you, though we preach unto others, we ourselves are but castaways." -- Ebenezer Erskine, "The Assurance of Faith", pg. 8

    Deo Vindice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backwoods Presbyterian View Post
    We heard an excellent sermon on Eph 1:2-14...
    Nice! That was our Sunday School portion. Today's sermon was on discipline (Hebrews 12). Pastor drew a remarkable contrast between the judgment of the unregenerate and the discipline of God's children.

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    AM: The Burnt Offering (Lev. 1:1–17, 6:8–13)
    PM: Necessarily God? (Isa. 43:1–11; Westminster Larger Catechism, Q&A 38)
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    Fighting the Wrong Battles

    Luke 9:49,50

    I. Who is our enemy?
    II. Who is our ally?
    III. Who are we?

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    "Preparing a sermon is like cooking a meal. You need pots and pans and utensils, but you don't bring them out to the table where people are eating." Derek Thomas

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    AM: Paul's Heart Desire
    Romans 10

    Paul desires to see his kinsmen according to the flesh saved. He gives three reasons why they have not embraced the Gospel of Christ:
    1. Misdirected Zeal
    2. Misdirected Righteousness
    3. Misdirected Obedience

    PM: Vision for Our Labors 1: Why We Need Vision
    Proverbs 29:18

    1. Vision Based on God's Word (prophetic vision)
    2. Vision's Corporate Aspect (gives biblical focus)
    3. Vision's Goals (obedience to God's Word)

    Both are here: - Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church


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