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    The Role of worship in Effective Coping.

    There's a record in Scriptures that Saul , felt better when David played the harp.
    "whenever the evil spirit from God bothered Saul,David would play his harp.Saul would relax and feel better,and...

    AVT 04-15-2016 02:08 PM
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The PuritanBoard exists to promote robust discussion of theology in a Confessionally Reformed context. The modern trend of short statements of faith belies the many places where the Scriptures teach with great clarity. Though our respective Reformed confessions sometimes disagree, we believe that Churches have been given the gifts of teachers and elders to lead to the unity of the faith and the result of that unity is a Confessional Church confessing together: "This is what the Scriptures teach." The Confessions are secondary to the authority of Scripture itself but they arise out of Scripture as a standard exposition of the Word of God.