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  1. Politically incorrect heroes for Black History Month

    by , 02-23-2015 at 11:07 PM
    It was surreal. Straight out of a Jim Crow movie of the 60s.

    There I was, a young teenager, sitting at the all-black table in the school cafeteria.

    I was nave. I didn't know. I was the first in line for food and sat at a table. And slowly the room filled up with students, segregated by race.

    After lunch, I walked to the playground. And what did I find? More segregation with clusters of young men and women playing ball or just talking.

  2. Defending homeschooling

    by , 02-20-2015 at 10:10 AM
    In my naivete, I thought only the secular school sponsors ranted against home education.

    But I was wrong.

    I discovered that Christians could be against homeschooling. A professor of theology wrote a book about Christian education and inserted a swipe or two against homeschooling. It was the first argument I ever read that defended church schools as the only viable option.

    I have also heard second-hand from reliable ministers that homeschooling has been ...
  3. Obama's prayer breakfast talk hides his religion

    by , 02-12-2015 at 11:44 AM
    "But part of what I want to touch on today is the degree to which we've seen professions of faith used both as an instrument of great good, but also twisted and misused in the name of evil." Obama, 2015 Prayer Breakfast

    There is much that is formally true in Obama's talk at the recent annual Prayer Breakfast. People of faith do great things and people of faith do bad things. The Crusades did happen and slavery was justified in the name of religion.

    But what ...
  4. Surprising survey: religious people as scientifically literate, deny evolution

    by , 02-03-2015 at 01:45 PM
    A surprising new survey has flummoxed the scientific establishment: about one in five Americans are religious and scientifically literate yet reject key components of modern neo-Darwinianism, according to PhysOrg. The survey included 2,901 respondents, showing that a large group rejected evolution and the big bang, even when as well-educated and scientifically literate as their secular counterparts.

    Timothy O'Brian, one of the lead researchers of the study, remarked: "We were ...
  5. Five homeschooling myths

    by , 01-21-2015 at 11:18 AM
    Homeschooling is a good choice for many families. It has been used by God to help many children. But it is fraught with myths about its own past, present and future. Here are the top five myths. Beware, you just might have to rethink what you've been taught.

    1. Homeschoolers are academically superior

    This is one of the most persistent, widespread and deeply held beliefs by homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike. It started after the famous Rudner study of 1999. But ...
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