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  1. ATTENTION OPC members re:Justification Overture!!!
  2. justification by faith- confused about the "provisional
  4. New Perspective on Paul???
  5. 'justification by faith' question!
  6. Covenant Media Foundation Article
  7. NPP, Auburn Avenue and Reformed Catholism...
  8. The New Perspective on Paul
  9. What is the "New Perspective on Paul?"
  10. NPP/AA as a tertium quid?
  11. AA vs. NPP
  12. Gaffin on Justification
  13. Miss. Valley Pres. Prelim. Report on Wright, Shepherd, Etc.
  14. Final Mississippi Valley Presbytery Report on Federal Vision
  15. Is Doug Jones a bombthrower as well?
  16. Required Reading
  17. The Federal Vision, Chapter 5, James B. Jordan.
  18. Doug Wislon Examination
  19. Does Denial of CoW = Denial of Imputation?
  20. Is this a good, succinct definition of Justification?
  21. Andrew Sandlin finally admits it
  22. Good Audio dealing with NPP?
  23. Back to basics?
  24. Miller speaks from the grave
  25. Neolegalism and RC Sproul Jr?
  26. Auburn Avenue II
  27. The "reformed" Redemptrix
  28. Van Til & Shepherd
  29. My Overview of What St Paul Really Said
  30. RefCats offline...
  31. Looking forward to it...
  32. NEW!! Dr. Guy Waters' Audio Lecture on Federal Vision
  33. Justification Controversy
  34. Ecclesiology over Soteriology
  35. gaffin/wright debate
  36. D.A. Carson NPP Lectures
  37. Did the Reformers Get it Right on Justification?
  38. Romans in a Week
  39. Sinclair Ferguson on NPP - August 26 Seminar
  40. Practical Outworking of NPP
  41. NT Wright on Paul
  42. Studying the Federal Vision
  43. RCUS paper on NPP
  44. Doug Wilson Vindicated?
  45. Letter From Richard Phillips
  46. Reformed Baptist Theological Review
  47. Louisiana Presbytery Report on FV
  48. Is Imputation Necessary for the Gospel?
  49. Overview of New Perspective on Paul
  50. Federal Vision and Commonalities
  51. Here's my View on Justification:
  52. Non-Reformed Evangelical Views on Justification
  53. RPCGA Statement on NPP and Federal Vision
  54. N.T. Wright's summary of Justification
  55. PCA Overture on New Perspective
  56. New Perspectives on Justification/RCC in disguise
  57. David Bahnsen plays "NAME THAT HERETIC"
  58. N.T. Wright and the Gospel of John (NPP)
  59. 34 Theses on Justification in Relation to Faith, Repentance, and Good Works (Norman Shepherd)
  60. Taking New or Changed Doctrine to the Courts for Examination
  61. N.T. Wright and the Reformed view of salvation
  62. Scriptural Proof for the Imputed Righteousness of Christ
  63. Missouri Presbytery on FV
  64. Seifrid on Wright
  65. Help in understanding NP, FV, and Auburn Ave.
  66. Wright on afterlife
  67. Infant Faith
  68. NPP and Second Temple Judaism: Paul's a Liar?
  69. WLC 161 and FV
  70. Westerholm on the NPP - What is the Question?
  71. Auburn ave
  72. Those who either support, or at least don't disagree with NPP
  73. Calvin on Justification...
  74. A Right Reading of Redemption: Richard Baxter, John Owen, and Their Seventeenth Century Controversy Over Justification
  75. OPC Paper on Justification Controversy
  76. A Short Credo on Justification: Douglas Wilson
  77. How would you respond to this NPist?
  78. NPP has already "arrived at" a Chinese Christian circle
  79. John Frame - saving faith is an obedient faith
  80. OPC Justification Report Out
  81. Presbyterians Together
  82. New List of Resources for Understanding the FV and NPP
  83. Dunn gets Luther and Augustine wrong
  84. Wright's Critical Realism
  85. PCA GA - An Overture to Watch
  86. OPC debate ENDED
  87. Memorial from Central Carolina Presbytery
  88. Van Til - Father of the Federal Vision
  89. PCA FV committee appointed
  90. Shepherd responds to OPC Report
  91. ATTN: I'm Smarter than Berkof, ad infinitum
  92. AA Heterodoxy Response
  93. Why Wright is Misrepresented!!!
  94. Sam Waldron and Richard Barcellos on James White's Dividing Line
  95. Trinitarian Relationship/Covenant (concerning FV)
  96. Lusk's Catechism?
  97. Gaffin and Union with Christ
  98. Norman Shepherd on the OPC report.
  99. A little quiz
  100. Federal Visionists are hilarious
  102. A Federal Vision debate?
  103. Dear Paul the Apostle
  104. FV, Trinity and Van Til
  105. Guess the source of these quotes:
  106. Good works or baptism?
  107. One for you, one for me...
  108. It ignorance most of the problem?
  109. PCA SJC decision on LA Presbytery
  110. John Robbins
  111. Cornelis Venema's New Full-Length Book...
  112. Congruent merit?
  113. Steve Wilkins Presbytery Examination and Response
  114. Question: Threads about the FV/Auburn Ave?
  115. Today on the Heidelblog: (Reformed) Christianity and (Quasi-) Reformed Revisionism
  116. 4 January 07 on the Heidelblog: The Arminius Paradigm
  117. A 'New' Statement on the Federal Vision
  118. Wilkins' Presbytery exam examined by Rick Phillips
  119. An Open Letter to the Federal Vision
  120. Jan. 8th, 2007 --> AA Pastor's Conference!!!
  121. Conditional Election - Where does FV differ from Historical Reformed Usage?
  122. Why Some Are Attracted to the Federal Vision?
  123. Ref 21 -> FV -> Hilarious!
  124. FV and Forgiveness
  125. "Believe!" Law or Gospel?
  126. Hebrew v. Greek
  127. Influence of NPP, FV, and Shepherdism on PCUSA and EPC
  128. FV and the Puritanboard
  129. FV and Eastern Orthodoxy
  130. The Reaction to FV Outside of the Reformed Camp
  131. Louisiana Presbytery's Ruling on Steve Wilkins
  132. "Solo Confession"?
  133. An Article
  134. A Form for Penitent Ex-Federal Visionists
  135. Why We Shouldn't Tolerate the "Tolerant"
  136. The OPC is Getting the Gospel Right
  137. The Shape of Justification
  138. Federal Vision Seminar on iTunes now
  139. The fruit of the Federal Vision?
  140. Newbie to Federal Vision
  141. Standing Judicial Commission (Feb. 19)
  142. What is the current situation?
  143. OPC Justification Report
  144. Piscator and Shepherd on Justification
  145. By Faith Alone
  146. Mohler, Duncan, Piper on NPP
  147. Any overtures or judicial cases?
  148. PCA Study Report on Federal Vision released
  149. N.T Wright on NPP
  150. Hermeneutics of Peter Leithart
  151. Creed or Chaos Interview
  152. 30 Reasons Why It Would be Unwise for the PCA General Assembly to Adopt the FV Report
  153. Mid-America Responds to the Crisis
  154. The Federal Vision and Heresy (Mr. McMahon)
  155. Another former WTS/FV student blogs about going home to Rome..
  156. RCUS on the Federal Vision
  157. The view from Rome is a little fuzzy
  158. BPC on FV
  159. Ad Interim Committee on Federal Vision Defense
  160. FV Seminar DVDs are available now
  161. Irenaeus Critiques the FV
  162. "Baptism, Election, and the Covenant of Grace"
  163. The Creed or Chaos Interview Pt 2
  164. Report on the PCA GA FV/NPP report
  165. Federal Vision and "Moral Government" Theory
  166. "Baptism and the Benefits of Christ: The Double Mode of Communion" Now Online
  167. The Report Passed. Now What Will YOU Do?
  168. Justification v Vindication
  169. One Man's Journey from the FV to Orthodoxy
  170. How is Pietistic Lutheranism Different From FV?
  171. An Interesting Footnote in Owen's "Doctrine of Justification by Faith"
  172. The Righteous for the Unrighteous
  173. Differences Among Federal Visionists
  174. Douglas Wilson's Standing on the Promises
  175. Wilkins' Letter to Louisiana Presbytery Re: "9 Declarations"
  176. Wright on Ordo Salutis
  177. URC Synod 2007 Acts Against the FV
  178. The URCNA's 9 Points re the FV
  179. Now What Will YOU do (redux)...in the URCs?
  180. Looks Like Good Audio on Justification
  181. Exposition of the Nine Points of Synod Schereville (URCNA)
  182. Federal Vision Needs More Defenders Like This...
  183. Exposition of the Nine Points (2)
  184. "Baptism, Election, adn the Covenant of Grace" Booklet Available from WSC Bookstore
  185. The 9 Points: Preface (3)
  186. Baptism, Election, & the Covenant of Grace - Reviewed by Paul Manata
  187. Overture to Rocky Mountain Presbytery
  188. FV really Arminian & works salvation?
  189. A Joint Federal Vision Statement - July 2007
  190. Contra Paedocommunion
  191. Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry Interview Pt 3
  192. Doug Wilson
  193. Rich Lusk
  194. Recommended Reading for Understanding History of FV
  195. Recent "Christianity Today" article on FV
  196. Baptismal Regeneration and FV???
  197. When Does Belief Become Heresy?
  198. Someone help me get a very general outline on what
  199. Adam and The Fall
  200. Packer on Justification
  201. Another FVist goes Papist
  202. Traill on Justification
  203. SJC Wilkins case decision due?
  204. Dr. Reggie Kidd
  205. Spiritual Crisis in OPC
  206. 2 Week FV discussion begins today
  207. John Owen on Christ's Obedience
  208. Objective covenant critique
  209. The FV is Really Just Misunderstood.....
  210. FV for Dummies
  211. The Amazing JBJ: Godfather of the FV
  212. On a positive note...
  213. No Reformed Theology of Justification?
  214. The Arminianism of the Federal Vision
  215. Peter Leithart and Imputed Righteousness
  216. Danger in the Camp by John Otis
  217. FV is so confusing!
  218. List of Pro-FV Churches?
  219. David Field's "New Perspective Thoughts"
  220. Review of Guy Prentis Waters
  221. Pca: Sjc Report October 2007
  222. Corporate Justification
  223. Friendly Advice for Lousiana Presbytery
  224. GreenBaggins for the Prosecution
  225. Caspar Olevianus and the Old Perspective on Paul
  226. Question about the LAP and the FV.
  227. And so it begins/Moscow attack on Reformedmusings
  228. Have they no other defense?
  229. An unholy alliance?
  230. Seagoon's Timeline of the Wilkins FV affair
  231. Horton Lectures on FV/NPP/9 Points of Synod Schereville
  232. Latest Reply to Doug Wilson
  233. Godfrey and VanDrunen Reply to Garcia
  234. Objection to the use of "Federal"
  235. Christians before the Reformation
  236. Give me a Break!
  237. Interested in y'all's feedback and thoughts on this.
  238. World Magazine picks up Wilson and Wilkins cotnroversies
  239. Reformed Musings on A Troubling Post
  240. Federal Vision...Rap?!
  241. Response to Doug Wilson's "All Wolves All the Time"
  242. Really excellent post from 'Against Heresies'.
  243. Heretics seldom call themselves such...
  244. Otis-Schlissel Debate
  245. A brief synopsis?
  246. Describe FV in one paragraph
  247. RCUS Report on FV
  248. For Those Just Tuning In: What is the FV?
  249. Federal Vision and Lutheranism
  250. Lane Keister to write Federal Vision Book