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  1. Biblically Centered Reformed Worship Team?
  2. Charismatic Landmines!!!
  3. What is the verdict on organ use in worship?
  4. Holidays
  5. Do's and Don'ts of the Regulative Principle?
  6. Why Sacraments are not Means of Grace
  7. Preparation for Communion
  8. Art in worship
  9. An elemental question
  10. Regulative Principle - books/articles
  11. New church in Burleson Tx.
  12. The Tithe
  13. Regulative Principle (of Worship)
  14. Shewing Reverence
  15. Passover
  16. My 'Easter' card for you all
  17. Rejecting the Lord's Supper.
  18. The Lord's Supper and Church Membership
  19. when does private worship become public worship?
  20. Tithes and Offerings?...Or Just Offerings?
  21. Tithe poll
  22. dance in worship
  23. Epistles to gentiles on tithing
  24. How often does your church serve communion?
  25. What is the Regulative Principle?
  26. Baptist to CT - The Lord's Supper?
  27. 3 short questions about the Lord's Supper and who shoul
  28. Christian Cool and the New Generation Gap
  29. should marriage be integrated into a worship service?
  30. PCA stance on RP
  31. Good Doctrinal Churches?
  32. Hymns
  33. The tithe
  34. Apostles' Creed
  35. Children in worship
  36. Can someone give me a clear definition of element vs circums
  37. RP-Is it possible to over-do it?
  38. Holy Water
  39. Alzheimers and the Supper
  40. John Frame's comments on the RPW
  41. Prayer and the Lord's Supper
  42. Does my church follow the RP?
  43. This may have been covered,but...
  44. Requst By Bush Campaign for Church Membership Lists
  45. The Jews and the tithe
  46. Books on Liturgy
  47. St. Paul's Liturgy
  48. Regulative Principle and Women Reading
  49. Traditional/Contemporary services
  50. Modern Music
  51. Intro to Regulative Principle
  52. CRC on Catholic Mass
  53. Worship as a Dialogue
  54. Lord's Supper Question
  55. Can we pray for God's Wrath?
  56. What would you do?--Picture of "Christ" In Church
  57. The Votum - Ps. 124:8
  58. Heavenly Worship
  59. Hymns or Choruses?
  60. Holidays
  61. Northern Virginia Psalm Sing Invitation
  62. PCUSA psalter
  63. Doctrinally Conservative / Liturgically Liberal
  64. Worship that pleases God
  65. Hymn Singing sin?
  66. History of EP
  67. Thanksgiving
  68. What kind of musical accompaniment do you have in church?
  69. Celebrating Christmas
  70. Wednesday Evening Church
  71. Hymns that plaining express the Doctrines of Grace
  72. Christmas Communion
  73. An Eastern Orthodox Rebuke
  74. The Confessional Aspect of the Lord's Supper
  75. Assurance of Pardon vrs. Absolution
  76. Speaking of iffy confession...
  77. A MEDIATED relationship with the Father? Still?
  78. Lord Supper Question. Intinction
  79. The American Flag: In Our Sanctuaries???
  80. flags and other graven images
  81. God needs your help and advice! So says Doug Wilson
  82. Poll: American/"Christian" flags in YOUR particular sanctuary?
  83. Presbyterian worship
  84. Bread in the Lord's Supper
  85. In what posture do you receive communion at your church?
  86. Centrality of the Gospel or of preaching?
  87. how BIG is the Lord's Supper
  88. Canticles
  89. How regularly should we receive the supper?
  90. Series on the Puritans
  91. who can partake?
  92. Dancing, clapping hands, solos......
  93. Great Commission and the Regulative Principle
  94. Flags in the sanctuary
  95. Homework on the Sabbath
  96. Music & Christmas
  97. Holy Spirits insperation outside of scripture...
  98. Being offended by Requred Chapel Services at School
  99. Corporate Worship
  100. "I Surrender All": A Biblical Perspective
  101. Christ partaking of the sacraments
  102. Focused Worship
  103. Modern Worship
  104. Is it wrong to support/eat at restaurants on the Sabbath?
  105. Yet another EP thread
  106. Headcoverings Revisited
  107. Women speaking in the Church Assembly
  108. Having an e-mail discussion with a friend about worship music
  109. Do You Worship the Bible? Why or Why Not?
  110. What is Maundy Thurday?
  111. The Purpose of Music in Worship....
  112. Thoughts on the Evangelical Presby Church ?
  113. Discussion on the Regulative Principal...kinda
  114. What do you think of these lyrics?
  115. Are wedding rings agains sinful? (A violation of the regulative principle?)
  116. What is Commanded by God in Worship?
  117. Struggles of a newly reformed brother.
  118. What would make a PCUSA'er turn Methodist?
  119. Charismatics Anonymous: A Poll
  120. Culture and the Church
  121. Oh, Lord my God. . .
  122. No Bible Sunday
  125. Means of Grace
  126. 5 Minute Church?
  127. Heavenly Hootenanny
  128. Piper on Sacraments
  129. Using your hands in worship
  130. Clown services
  131. Help, Looking for Good Traditional Hymnals
  132. Silence in Worship
  133. God-centered Music Part I - by Lig
  134. Humming a hymn while i play some snooker
  135. Is the Lord's Supper merely symbolic?
  136. I heard a preacher say . . .
  137. The Lord Jesus Christ!
  138. Preaching woes
  139. Questions on Liturgy
  140. Dance as worship
  141. How many here cut their cable and power off on the Lords day?
  142. Who is on the Lord's Side? !!!
  143. Wine during Passover/Lord's Supper (RPW)
  144. EP Split Thread
  145. The DUTY of PRAISE!?
  146. Appropriate dress in worship
  147. Manifest Difference between EP and the Rest
  148. Hymns in general?
  149. Consequences of the RPW
  150. Historical Church singing and EP
  151. EP or non-EP
  152. The Psalter in redemptive history
  153. EP - ad infinitum, ad nauseum (split from the vote thread for debate infringements)
  154. Does "Being Reformed" require adherance to the RPW?
  155. Burden of Proof
  156. Argument for Paedocommunion from typology
  157. How were you "raised as a child" for worship?
  158. Definition of 'EP' and 'Hymn' and tunes in worship
  159. To sing or not to sing (EPers only)
  160. Feedback Please
  161. EP and the early Church hyms of the NT scripture
  162. Instruments in Worship?
  163. Simple Poll for EP's
  164. Simple Poll for those who support exclusion of instruments
  165. Psalter: Lyrics and Notes
  166. "Promoting" your church service
  167. Psalms in Meter - Paraphrase?
  168. worship leader needed
  169. Is Everything Done To God's Glory Worship?
  170. RPW and the reading of Confessions/Creeds
  171. Covenant Renewal Worship
  172. RPW and Responsive Reading
  173. Is there a Blessing concluding your Worship Service?
  174. Worship Service Too Long
  175. Shorter Catechism and Liturgy
  176. Clapping
  177. WSC Conference on Word and Sacraments Jan 13-14, 2006
  178. Legalism and Worship
  179. Why Is Eucharist Not Celebrated Weekly When It Is Such A Main Theme In Scripture?
  180. Please Post Music For Guitar (ie. Psalms And Hymns)
  181. Calvin on the actual frequency of the Lord's Supper in Geneva
  182. Anglican Chant Psalter
  183. Anglo Geneva Psalter
  184. Matt and Scott - What is your justification?
  185. My Bible Church is going to start singing Psalms . . . thanks to Gabriel Martini!
  186. Modern Psalter?
  187. Definition of "Worship"
  188. Preface to the PCA Directory for Worship
  189. Is Footwashing Okay?
  190. -
  191. RWP . . . Outline it liturgically.
  192. Which Worship "style" does your church have?
  193. Psalm Singing Audio
  194. Horton Davies Orders of Worship
  195. What did early Christians believe about...? Using instrumental music in worship???
  196. Baptist churches and the Regulative Principle of worship ?
  197. Rules for Public and Private Worship
  198. Good And Necessary Deduction
  199. What is the difference between Hymns and Spiritual Songs?
  200. If a member of your congregation believes hymns to be sinful should you refrain for his sake?
  201. Would someone please show me the scriptural distinctions between public and private worship so I can live in peace and not worry
  202. Letham's "Trinity" and its implications for EP
  203. Are Bible Studies And "Small Groups" Out The Window?
  204. What's the largest acapella denomination in the world
  205. Christmas and the Regulative Principle
  206. Old Christian Radio
  207. The Psalter
  208. Is musical style purely subjective in worship song?
  209. Would it be sinful for me to attend a PCUSA church?
  210. worship in China
  211. The Normative Principle
  212. Copyrighted music
  213. Worship and Memory
  214. Hula Worship @ Saddleback Church
  215. weird issues w/ Christmas on Sunday
  216. Old RPW articles?
  217. Children and Lord's Day services
  218. Advent
  219. Rick Warren on Women speaking in Church
  220. Creating Churches that do not Exist
  221. Pretense of Christian Liberty
  222. Even Prayer
  223. Purpose Driven Worship Defined
  224. When is it OK for women to prophesy?--THREADS MERGED
  225. Private Communion
  226. who is closing on Christmas?
  227. Puritan-Driven Student Ministries???
  228. prayer mazes
  229. Exclusive Hymnody or Exclusive Spiritual Song (um)-ody
  230. Sample of an Emergent Church
  231. Clarification about the Regulative Principle
  232. who may administer the sacraments
  233. Free psalm recordings!!
  234. Worshipping the Holy Spirit ???
  235. Old Light on New Worship
  236. Define 'Disciple'
  237. Definition of the Regulative Principle...Again
  238. Growing a church
  239. Psalm Singing Audio
  240. Lord Supper articles
  241. PCA recommendation to congregations regarding the Psalms
  242. Seinn shalm le grĂ*s s a chridhe
  243. Saddleback's Ideas on Authentic Worship
  244. Saddleback: Worship can be Anything
  245. "Reformed Praise"
  246. It's All About Me worship
  247. col. 3:16/Eph (EP exegesis)
  248. The Name of Jesus
  249. Superstition
  250. why do we 'run' from the psalms?