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  1. 10 Best Baptist Arguments Against Infant Baptism and Covenan
  2. Is Roman Catholic Baptism valid?
  3. Infant Baptism Debate at WTS in CA
  4. At what age do we stop Baptizing our children?
  5. Rejection of Baptizing Disciples Alone by: Webmaster
  6. At What Age Do We Start Baptizing our Children?
  7. John's baptism
  8. Reformed Baptist and circumsision
  9. Baptism Flip/Flop?
  10. Objection To Infant Baptism
  11. Why do Jews still circumces if baptism came insted of Circum
  12. Physical obstacles to immersion, Baptists Only Please
  13. Baptism seal of curse?
  14. sprinkle and imersion?
  15. Books about Infant Baptism
  16. Infant Baptism So Confusing
  17. Credo Baptists
  18. Infant Baptism Debate
  19. why didn't Paul say that baptism replaced circ. in the
  20. immersion in to water, or something else?
  21. baptism for the remission of sins: applied to infants?
  22. Southern Baptist Baby Dedications
  23. Quote for Baptists
  24. Question for/from Reformed Baptist
  25. Did baptism really replace circumcision as the sign/seal of
  26. Baptism
  27. William Ames on the sacrament of baptism...
  28. Are paedobaptized children by nature children of wrath?
  29. Praying Children: should we teach our children to pray?
  30. Praying Children: should we teach our children to pray?
  31. Good word on credo/paedo debate
  32. Fundamental Questions
  33. Forum Guidelines for Covenant Theology
  34. Adopted children and Baptism
  35. Colossians 2:11-12 is taken out of context by PaedoBaptists
  36. Help me out on Paedobaptism...
  37. For Paedobaptists--Jeremiah 31:31-34
  38. Presumptive Regeneration - Help me out fellas
  39. Non-elect infants in the CoG - Christ as mediator
  40. Perspective On Baptism By Peter Leithart
  41. Recantation. I was wrong about Infant Baptism.
  42. True Israel and Infant Baptism
  43. Early Church Fathers and Baptism
  44. apologia
  45. Please help me with baptism versus circumcision discussion !
  46. Definition of Sacrament of Baptism
  47. Baptism: It's Origin
  48. For non-baptists on this board...
  49. Baptizo doesn't mean immerse?
  50. Verses that Paedobaptists shouldn't use...
  51. John's baptism is different
  52. William Cunningham on Baptism
  53. Robert L. Reymond on Baptism
  54. "Reformed" Campbellites
  55. Baptism and Assurance
  56. Infant baptism and crisis conversions
  57. Paedobaptism?
  58. Paedo-Credo Debate/Household Baptisms
  59. Fessing Up...
  60. Reformed Catholicism and Romish Baptism
  61. Regenerate but not baptised?
  62. I confess I relented...
  63. females not circumcised?
  64. Wetly article for Baptists.
  65. Wetly article for Paedo Baptists ONLY
  66. Long time credo, first time paedo
  67. The change of protocol
  68. Does baptism constitute church membership regardless...
  69. Accepting Roman baptism
  70. Baptists - Why believers only?
  71. Infant Baptism is a sin against God
  72. The Fruit Police
  73. Questions for paedobaptists
  74. Christian Baptism
  75. Acts 19
  76. Circumcison and presumme regeration
  77. Historic Reformed theology?
  78. Switching Views, Submission to Leaders, and Saving Church Unity
  79. 14 Questions for Reformed Baptists
  80. Advice needed on handling elders with mode
  81. No! I refuse! You Can't Make me become a paedobaptist!
  82. Offended by "practicing" baptism?
  83. Mode: Immersion or Affusion?
  84. Paedobaptism & the nitty gritty of Acts 2
  85. Any *constructive* comments about Acts 2 & paedobaptism?
  86. BAPTISM IN THE EARLY CHURCH by Hendrik Stander and Johannes Louw
  87. Covenant Theology; defined
  88. Covenantal Family Baptism!
  89. Child Dedication
  90. Baptismal Regneration and the WCF
  91. (for paedobaptists only) when should we not baptise?
  92. Paedobaptism, Music, and Covenant Succession
  93. Is the salvation of children the necessary result of "blameless Covenant nuture"?
  94. Great articels about infant baptism
  95. Presumptive [insert word here] and why you hold to it?
  96. Question about Article 27 of the 39 Articles
  97. From Out of the Presumptive Thread
  98. Baby Belief Before Baptism, by Nigel Lee
  99. Question for PE's and..........
  100. those who were baptised when 'unregenerate'
  101. Mikvah's and baptism
  102. Question for Reformed Credobaptists
  103. Children part of the NT Church in Scripture
  104. How can Baptists consider themselves "Covenant Theologians"?
  105. When did you become paedobaptist/credobaptist?
  106. Credobaptism = Arminianism?
  107. Independancy defined
  108. The BCO and it's wording on Infant Baptism
  109. Info on baptism
  110. More CT/Baptism Debate
  111. Poll: Roman Catholic baptism
  112. Calvin quote
  113. Open apology & confession
  114. Thoughts about the Jailor and his Household
  115. Lydia's Household Baptism
  116. Piper Proposes Allowing Paedobaptist Members
  117. Infant baptism & John the Baptist (paedos only)
  118. Baptism and the early reformation battle
  119. William Perkins & Roman Catholic Baptism
  120. Samuel Rutherford & Roman Catholic Baptism
  121. Richard Baxter & Roman Catholic baptism
  122. Infant Baptism & New Testament Texts
  123. Francis Turretin & Roman Catholic Baptism
  124. Is Roman Catholic baptism valid?
  125. Is this a reliable paedo view?
  126. My credobaptistic Bible church has made its first stride towards accepting infant baptism!
  127. Baptizing Non-members Children
  128. 1976 CRC "Service of Baptism" - Any Paedo Defenders?
  129. A Case for Infant Baptism - Confessions of a Former Baptist (sermonaudio)
  130. Believers and their children?
  131. Andy Webb on the Reformers view of baptism
  132. Suffer the little children to come
  133. Unity between Paedos and Credos revisited
  134. Is "Reformed Baptist" an oxymoron?
  135. Public Apology & Confession
  136. Children that have the sign of the covenant
  137. infant baptism and the 8th day
  138. Another view of paedobaptism?
  139. Were there any credobaptists in the early church?
  140. Antipaedobaptism in the Thought of John Tombes
  141. Understanding the "Abrahamic Covenant" is key!
  142. Federal Theology and Infant Baptism
  143. 1Cor 7:14
  144. Response to 1 Cor. 7:14 thread, off topic:
  145. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' views on Baptism
  146. Necessary? LBC ch 29
  147. The Mode of Baptism -- a brief question from Pastor Peter Edwards
  148. A funny infant baptism quote
  149. Now available for FREE online: Candid reasons for renouncing the principles of anti-paedobaptism -- by Pastor Peter Edwards
  150. Was John's Baptism Valid?
  151. Need advice from Credo's who are in Paedo denominations
  152. Calvary Chapel Baptisms...
  153. For those that hold Roman Baptism as invalid.
  154. What Has Infant Baptism Done to Baptism? An Enquiry at the End of Christendom by David F. Wright
  155. Why Baptize by Sprinkling - by Dr. John R. Church - now available online!
  156. Explaining Infant baptisim to in-laws
  157. Infant Baptism????
  158. The Holy Spirit replaces circumcision????
  159. John Piper Refutes "Infant Baptism"
  160. Adult Baptism in the Presbyterian church
  161. Pouring
  162. Sprinkling
  163. Luke 18:15-17
  164. The "Free Presbyterian Church" on Baptism
  165. A Short Credo on Baptism: Douglas Wilson
  166. MP3 re: Baptismal Union with Christ now online
  167. A short paper from Piper on Colossians 2:8-15
  168. Divergent from "Explaining Infant Baptism From In-Laws"
  169. Reformed/catholic Infant Baptism: Similarities
  170. Is there such a denomination?
  171. Adult Baptism and Church Membership - Specifically conversion
  172. Are RC and/or Arminian baptisms valid? (I assume that Arminian=Semi-Pelagian)
  173. Question for credobaptist about Childeren of believers in the Church
  174. The Covenant of Circumcision: No Just Plea For Infant Baptism by W. T. Brantly
  175. Covenant curses and baptism?
  176. When Should We Baptise Our Children?
  177. Preaching on baptism?
  178. I baptise you in the name of the Rock, Redeemer, and Friend
  179. 1 peter 3:21
  180. New Paper By Greg Welty Defending Credo Position
  181. David Silversides: "We don't presume anything!"
  182. Welty's Paper: Dealing with Calvin's first assumption
  183. Welty's Paper:Dealing with Calvin's second assumption
  184. Paedobaptism Questions
  185. Sermons by James White on Baptism
  186. Probably a dumb question...
  187. Reformation Bible Church
  188. Some help concerning paedobatism-
  189. How do the non-elect relate to the NC?
  190. Baptismal Regeneration
  191. Baptism = Immersion?
  192. Paedobaptism view of Credobaptist Children
  193. Thoughts on Infant Baptism
  194. Something I found interesting
  195. Paedobaptism
  196. How are women included in the old covenant under circumcision?
  197. Nigel Lee's newest work: From Circumcision to Baptism
  198. Resources on why we accept any trinitarian baptism
  199. True origins of the Baptist movement
  200. Have I been baptised?
  201. 25th anniversary of my baptism
  202. Dating a Reformed Baptist
  203. Turmeric Takes the Plunge, so to speak...
  204. Galatians 3:27 - credobaptist proof text?
  205. Baptismal Efficacy
  206. White vs. Shishko
  207. Baby Dedication
  208. Is the NEW really NEW or is it just Consummated
  209. Can infants be regenerated?
  210. Dabney on Immersionists
  211. Baptism and Circumcision
  212. Jews Got Baptized - why?
  213. 1 Peter 3:21 and Infant Baptism
  214. Church:Visible New Covenant Administration?
  215. Baptism in Romans 6:"Create" or "Signify" Union?
  216. The LBC and Anabaptism
  217. Is the New Covenant different or not?
  218. Read a thought provoking article today on baptism
  219. Paedobaptists. Is this Orthodox Reformed thinking?
  220. Infant baptism and non-believing parents...
  221. A Case for Infant Baptism for Reformed Baptists
  222. Tom Schreiner on Baptism
  223. The argument from silence aspect of the Paedo view
  224. I performed my first baptism--er,
  225. Denial of Original Sin?
  226. Baptism Debate
  227. Prayer at Catholic Baptism... help...
  228. Newness of a New Thread on Baptism
  229. Question concerning Baptism
  230. Letter to baptised child? Need examples...
  231. Credo/Paedo Hybrid-Something new?
  232. Where are the threads on 1 Cor. 7:14 dealing with
  233. Should everyone be baptized this way?
  234. Baptism and Assurance
  235. Where are the infants baptized?
  236. A Question for my Credo-Baptist Brethren
  237. John Gill on Baptism
  238. In covenant without a mediator?
  239. A question for Rich...
  240. Baptism Question(s) Repository
  241. Justin Martyr on Circumcision/Baptism
  242. Just ranting...I dont get it!
  243. I decided that there weren't enough threads on baptism today, so...
  244. Thoughts on Circumcision
  245. Why I have switched from Paedo to Credo
  246. Paedobaptism HELP!
  247. A question on "household."
  248. The Circumcision of the Federal Head and Baptism
  249. Baptists *changed poll*: Any adult children, raised in Church, not baptized?
  250. For our Baptist Brethern and Sisteren: