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  1. The Confessional Presbyterian Journal, vols. 1-10, tables of contents
  2. Limits of Church Power, specifically regarding Circumstances in Worship
  3. Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ (Rom 6:1-11)
  4. Pope Innocent III
  5. To Set One's Heart
  6. Theology, the Christian Worldview, and Life
  7. Sum of Saving Knowledge; Authors and History
  8. Dickson and Durham oppose the teaching that God desires the salvation of all men.
  9. Perichoresis
  10. Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land
  11. Ruth: Redemption Hope
  12. Praying With Boldness
  13. The Traditional Form of The Westminster Standards
  14. Jacob's Ladder
  15. The Place of Women in the Church
  16. -
  17. The Ordinary Means of Grace